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We have an industry leading presence in the market and offer engineering innovation to all bespoke and standard product solutions manufactured using GRP.

Our ladders GRP are stronger than ladders constructed from steel. Ladders in GRP are suited for use in corrosive environments in the water, civil engineering, chemical, and food industry sectors.

GRP Flooring

We are dedicated to finding the correct GRP flooring solution suited to your needs. GRP flooring offer cost-effective alternatives to steel, timber or aluminium, and our flooring can be easily cut on site using our power tools.

GRP flooring is considerably lighter than many other flooring materials, like steel, making it much more manageable and easier to handle and install.


Our extensive range of ladders includes ladder access such as safety cages, walk-though tops and walkways. We are confident we can find the most suitable solution for you and all our ladders are tested and in compliance with BS 6920. Our range of ladders is even suitable for uses with contact with cold drinking water.

Bespoke Products

Our bespoke products include one-off items to provide solutions for a range of individual requirements. Bespoke products offer greater flexibility and versatility. We have worked on a vast array of bespoke projects including the individual designs for GRP circular guards, GRP rail steps and lightweight bridges manufactured in GRP. 


Our range of services is expansive and always growing. Not only do we purchase pre-formed GRP sections and fabricate them, we are also able to manufacture common items direct from many other raw materials. Our services also include the construction of bespoke items such as access hatches, cladding panels and baffles tailored to customer specifications.

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