Chilled Packaging


Temperature Controlled Packaging -  we pride ourselves on providing innovative temperature controlled packaging systems that are fully tested to maintain the cool chain throughout the entire delivery cycle.

Chilled Food Systems

Our chilled food systems will protect food from dramatic  temperature changes during the shipping period, when used in conjunction with our specially designed gel or ice pack. Our chilled food systems will maintain chilled foods below +5°C for 24 hours.

Frozen Food Systems

Frozen Food systems have been developed to provide a mail order packaging system for the shipment of frozen foods that need to be maintained below -18°C for a minimum period of 24 hours.

Coolant Range

Our coolant range includes Chilled Packaging Gel and Water Ice Packs offer major benefits over traditional 'soak and freeze' products. They are produced from 100% recyclable Low Density Polyethylene, environmentally friendly materials which give the added benefit of not sticking together when frozen and are perfect for keeping food fresh and cold.

Gel Ice Packs

Our gel ice packs contain an industry leading formulation with phase change taking place at -6°c.

Our gel is guaranteed to be non-toxic and food safe and provides excellent performance as a cooling medium. Gel Packs are available in a range of sizes to suit most applications and are delivered in cardboard boxes that can be placed straight into the freezer.

Water Ice Mats

Our water ice mats are sterile and regularly tested to ensure it is food safe and hygienic. Water Ice Packs provide maximum flexibility and are ideal for wrapping around products. They can be used as a single or when folded, multi layer mat for maximum cooling of your food. They are delivered in cardboard boxes which can be placed directly into the freezer.

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