Chinal Productivity Services

Specialists in Productivity, Performance Improvement, Kaizen, Lean Process Management, Process Re-engineering, Time Study, Quality Management Systems and Creating Competitive Advantage for our Customers.

Established over 30 years and ISO 9001:2000 Certified, we provide practical and cost effective solutions for every business sector including Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Logistics, Supply Chain, Defence, Government, Public Utilities, Banking, and other Financial Services.

Our vast experience of working in over 50 countries is applied in dealing with real issues relating to Continuous Improvement, Cost Reduction, Efficiency, Resource Planning, Establishing Work Measured Process Times, Eliminating Waste, Implementing New Methods and New Working Practices, Reduce Work in Progress, Improving throughput and Service Levels.

Each assignment is custom made from our Productivity Toolkit. Our corporate evaluation will benchmark against: Process Optimisation, Best Practice, Managing Change, Work Measured Standards, Meaningful Controls, Activity Based Costing (ABC) Superior Quality and Service Levels, Effective Supervision, Capacity and Resource Planning.

We have a purpose built Training and Coaching Centre. The world-renowned Harry Mitchell College deliver modern programmes in Lean Process Management, Six Sigma, Productivity and Performance Improvement while retaining the subjects of Work Measurement, Method Study and Pace Rating covered by the Institute of Management Services (IMS) syllabus. Courses are undertaken either at the College or at Customer¿s location worldwide.

We have developed our own Predetermined Motion Time System (PMTS) multi-application software PREDICT.

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