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ChinaTech Sourcing specialises in sourcing and supplying low cost, precision manufactured components such as Pressure Die Castings, for small and medium-sized UK businesses seeking to gain a competitive advantage in today's increasingly demanding global market.

Sourcing manufactured components from China successfully - ensuring timely delivery of high quality parts ‘right first time’ - demands a unique combination of in-depth technical knowledge and acute commercial awareness. Unlike many sourcing companies, ChinaTech Sourcing provides a complete hassle-free service, from pro-active design consultation at the outset of the process through to full project management right up until the point of delivery.


Sourcing manufactured parts and components from China

Choosing ChinaTech Sourcing to supply manufactured components from China provides:

  • Cost-effective and low risk solutions tailored to your precise specifications
  • Significant cost reductions compared with your existing supply base without compromising on quality or service
  • Production feasibility and Design for Manufacture assessment
  • Quality assured parts from ISO 9001:2000 and TS 16949 certified suppliers
  • Reliable Chinese suppliers with modern factory environments and up-to-date equipment
  • A comprehensive, managed service eliminating the need for your quality engineers to make frequent trips to China
  • Components sourced ‘right first time’ using industry-leading techniques, including APQP
  • Local and responsive technical representation based both in the UK and China
  • Confidence in dealing with a UK based company, delivering components to Western standards
  • Value added service through project implementation, ongoing customer support and long-term commitment

We are able to demonstrate a proven track record of sourcing and delivering quality manufactured components from China to major UK customers, including some of the most demanding OEM clients.

Sourcing manufactured parts and components from China

We are specialists in the following processes

  • Die casting
  • Sand Casting
  • Investment Casting
  • Forging
  • Pressing
  • CNC Machining
  • Fabrication
  • Plating
  • Painting
  • Printing
  • Sub-Assembly
We are specialists in the following processes

Die casting

ChinaTech Sourcing is able to source low cost, high quality die castings from a selection of pre-approved ISO 9000 and TS 16949 accredited factories in China. We have established links with dozens of highly regarded die casting suppliers - giving us a wide range of manufacturing capabilities to meet your individual die casting needs.
Die casting processes

In die casting, liquid metal (usually non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, lead, magnesium, pewter, tin based alloys and zinc) is forced into a permanent metal mould, called a die. Unlike sand casting or shell casting, each of these dies can be reused 1,000s of times, making die casting extremely cost-effective for medium to high volumes.

There are different types of die casting, the choice of which depends on the production volume and shape complexity. They include:

  • High pressure die casting
  • Low pressure die casting
  • Gravity die casting (permanent mould casting)
Die casting

Sourcing die castings from China

All our castings are quality assured and come from factories with appropriate measurement equipment, including laboratory testing, spectrometer, hardness/tensile testing, X-ray, microstructure testing and dimensional measurement such as CMM machines. Stringent metallurgical control systems ensure that chemical and mechanical properties meet exactly with our customers’ requirements.

We can supply most materials which are to equivalent ISO Western grades, for example:

  • Aluminium (LM4, LM6, LM24, LM25, LM27, A360, A380, A383 and A413)
  • Zinc (ZA3, ZA5, AC43A, AG40A, AC41A, AG40B)
  • Copper and magnesium alloys
Sourcing die castings from China

Low-cost die cast tooling

One of the barriers to choosing die casting is the initial high cost of tooling. However, the cost of tooling in China is far lower than in Western Europe, and is in fact where most Western European die casting suppliers source their tooling from.

As part of ChinaTech Sourcing’s comprehensive service we manage the supply of high quality tooling directly in China, thus reducing initial investment and tooling lead times with fast turnaround for any product changes or die improvements. We also offer technical advice and support for your design engineers to ensure the part is feasible for the die casting process.

The major saving gained by sourcing offshore parts is the labour and therefore labour-intensive secondary operations. As well as casting capabilities, our suppliers also have CNC machining and finishing facilities. It is always more economical to add maximum value to the component by sourcing castings as close to the finished part as possible. This also eliminates any potential issues on delivery with porosity and leak testing.

Prior to production supply all die castings are initially supplied as PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) samples along with necessary ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Reports) and material composition reports. Ongoing production will be controlled with appropriate process documentation, control plans and quality sampling via the inspection laboratories. For your further peace of mind, all deliveries are supplied with relevant chemical composition certificates and/or reports.

Low-cost die cast tooling

Why choose ChinaTech Sourcing for your component manufacturing?

  • Local and responsive technical representation
  • Design for Manufacture consultancy
  • Open and transparent access to Chinese suppliers
  • On-the-ground project management
  • Bridging the cultural and language gap
  • Full Quality Assurance for your peace of mind
  • Projects delivered on target
  • Lower component costs through dealing direct
  • International logistics experience
Why choose ChinaTech Sourcing for your component manufacturing?

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