Chip and Pin Solutions


With our mobile card machines, we can give businesses a simple way to process secure credit and debit card transactions anywhere in the country without the need for a landline.

Whatever your business type, using our mobile card machines, you can now accept card payments on the go. Our mobile card machines use a GPRS signal to process transactions in the same way as a mobile telephone device. Please visit our website for more information.

Countertop Card Machines

From a fixed retail position, our countertop card machines provide businesses and retailers of all sizes with a quick and easy way to process secure credit and debit card transactions.

With use of a phone or broadband line, our countertop card machine allows you to accept card payments. Countertop card machines are perfect for any business with a fixed line.

Bluetooth Card Machines

Portable card machines are options to process secure credit and debit card transactions within a premises via a Bluetooth network. Offering your customers a ‘pay-at-table’ service, our portable card machines use a Bluetooth signal to communicate with a central base or hub that is connected to a landline with a phone or broadband line.

Contactless Card Machines

For businesses with low-cost consumables like food and drinks, our contactless card machines allow for quick and easy secure transactions via credit and debit card.

As long as the terminal is a fixed location, you could accept contactless card payments up to value of £20.

Card Processing

If you are new to cards, we can help with the card processing merchant account. You will need this account in order to accept credit and debit cards with a card payment terminal.

We have our own UK-based, fully trained and accredited merchant services team. They will be able to quickly set you up with a live merchant and card processing account.

We offer the fastest set-up in the UK and in many cases this can be done in only one working day with market beating rates.

Short Term Hire

For special events such as exhibitions, festivals and trade shows, you can hire our card machines from as little as three days.

Short term hire opens a world of payment flexibility to your customers, and is a great to complete business tranactions suring these special events. Impulse spending and could result in an increase of sales by as much as 30%, simply by offering customers the flexibility to pay by card.

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