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Welcome to Cholcroft, a friendly family run business with a wealth of knowledge in the enclosure and case industry.

Cholcroft was founded in May 1977 and has become a successful enclosure supplier and franchised distributor to the electrical and electronics industries.

Cholcroft has an excellent reputation for putting the customer's needs first with a genuine personal touch.

...Our aim is to provide our customers with top quality goods, competitively priced, excellent service and prompt deliveries.

Cholcroft works hand in hand with it's manufacturers and engineers to provide considerable experience in product suitability and customising of your enclosure.

Quality and a personlised service are the cornerstones to Cholcroft's success, supplying to a wide range of industries such as MOD, vehicle, communication, transport, railway, aircraft and marine.

Cholcroft also strives wherever possible to recycle and to be an environmentally friendly company. All products adhere to RoHS and where needed we can supply a certificate of conformity.

Enclosures & Cases

Cholcroft offers a wide range of enclosures and boxes made from such base metals as Steel and Aluminium, together with a wide range of plastic cases, using the following materials - ABS, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, Polyester and GRP.

Sizes vary from 12mm x 12mm x 9mm to 1035mm x 850mm x 350mm
(For larger sizes please call).

IP ratings from IP54 to IP68.

Offered in a variety of colours including clear/transparent.

Unless stated, all of our products are RoHS compliant.

  • Multipurpose
  • Instrument cases
  • Potting boxes
  • Encapsulating shells
  • PSU (Power supply cases)
  • RFI/EMI Screening cans
  • Hand held cases/enclosures
  • Watertight enclosures
  • Flanged enclosures
  • Dinrail enclosures
  • Sloped fronted cases
  • Keyboard enclosures
  • Heat sink boxes
  • Sensor & thermostat cases
  • Racks & cabinets
  • Moulded power cords
Enclosures & Cases


Cholcroft offers a wide range of enclosures that can be machined to your specific requirements. Our engineering facility is equipped with the latest CadCam design technology which enables us to mill and turn from your information supplied.

Supported by drilling, punching, bending, cutting and vacuum forming.

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Cholcroft offers a wide range of enclosures that can be finished to your specific requirements.
Below are some illustrations of the type of finish and added extras to complete your enclosure.

Finished unit. Black flanged ABS Multipurpose enclosure silk screened with corporate logo.

Model Rail UK.
A Cholcroft PSU case for the model train enthusiast. Engraved ront panel made from Traffolyte. This material offers a professional finish for the smaller quantity or Medical/Defence type applications.

Thermofisher Scientific.
Aluform enclosure fitted with silk screened polycarbonate windows for display area and polycarbonate window for reading infra-red devices. Painted using textured grey finish.

A Bernic Dinrail enclosure, machined to customer specification with digital printed labels with customer corporate logo.


Other Services

Cholcroft are able to offer a range of other services from bespoke/tailor made products, vacuum forming, cable assembly, fixings and hardware and enclosure build box assembly:

Cholcroft can provide wiring, choose the length and colour you require. A full cut and strip service is available
Cholcroft can assemble your PCB into a finished product.
Cholcroft can also offer vacuum forming, fixings and hardware.
In addition to the large range of off-the-shelf enclosures Cholcroft can provide bespoke/tailor made products to suit your individual requirements.

Our design team/engineers will work hand in hand with you from the design stage through to the manufacturing of the product. Click here for further information.

Other Services

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