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Chun Fai, woven label manufacturers,  was established in 1993 and we provide a complete trimming solution and give you the best price and quality.

We are a woven label manufacturer and produce a variety of labels with differing grades to suit your requirements. The types of material used are:

  • Damask
  • High Definition
  • Reverse Satin
  • Satin
  • Taffeta

The options available are padded labels, laser-cut and woven labels with mesh or silicone. Chun Fai can also provide emroided labels, which is a great way to show your brand off.

Garment Buttons

Chun Fai Garment Buttons are made using a variety of materials such as plastic, coconut, wood, corozo, metal and shell. We have a range of button samples for you to choose from:

  • Plastic Buttons - all non toxic and can be made to order in a variety of specifications
  • Natural Material Buttons - wooden buttons, coconut buttons, shell buttons, leather buttons and corozo buttons.
  • Metal Buttons - nickel free with a beautiful finish and made to any unique design.
Garment Buttons

Swing Tickets

A Swing Ticket is a way of establishing brand identity, they are also known as swing tag or hangtag. We can produce a swing ticket exactly for your requirement, including materials like plastic, fabric, card and metal. You can have finishes on these including distressed, stitching, foil and spot UV.

We can also supply eyelets, strings and beads as part of your swing ticket.

Swing Tickets

Promotional Items

Here at Chun Fai we have a comprehensive range of promotional items that are ideal for targeting and raising your profile. We have items such as keyrings, wristbands and badges that will get your brand noticed outside of the core product you provide.

As well as promotional items we have a range of other accessories you want to use to differentiate your brand from the rest.

Promotional Items


To complete your design proposal and really stand out from the competition we have a range of accessories at Chun Fai, including loops, zip pullers, belt buckles and links.


Working With China

Chun Fai, working with China , have been established for over 16 years and the key to our success is our consistency. We have English speaking service staff in Europe on a permanent basis with all the right product knowledge and service level you will need.

Chun Fai, located in Hong Kong, adheres to English Common Law in regards to Labour Legislations  such as wages protection, maternity and holiday periods. We maintain a high level of ethical standards and ways of working that observes Hong Kong Law and ensures employee welfare.

Working With China

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