Cirrus Environmental Solutions


Cirrus Environmental Solutions Ltd are a multidisciplinary environmental, health and safety consultancy.  We provide expert advice and a range of monitoring, testing and assessment services to manufacturing and service industries.

Working with Cirrus can help you to comply with statutory health, safety and environmental legislation as well as minimise the risk of prosecution and reduce accidents and illness in the workplace.

Noise Monitoring

Cirrus Environmental Solutions Ltd use a highly qualified team of Occupational Hygienists to undertake both Occupational and Environmental Noise Assessments.

Occupational  noise assessments use the latest dose badge technology to determine operator exposure to noise in the workplace.  This data can provide useful guidance for use of hearing protection and can protect industries from costly litigation.  An ambient noise survey can also be provided; this can identify significant sources of noise in the workplace and noise reduction recommendations can be made.

Air Quality Assessments

Cirrus Environmental Solutions Ltd carry out a wide range of ambient indoor air quality monitoring and determination of personal exposure to airborne contaminants.

Assessments typically cover exposure to dusts, solvents, welding fumes, metal fumes, isocyanates and acid fumes.

Stack Emission Monitoring

Cirrus Environmental Solutions Ltd hold both UKAS and MCert accreditation for emission monitoring, ensuring excellent quality of work and peace of mind.

Mature staff use state of the art monitoring equipment to deal with the most complex and demand campaigns.

Typical emissions assessed include particulates, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Metals, Acid Gases, Dioxins and Combustion Gases.

Typical processes assessed range from printers to foundries, chemical manufacture and waste to energy plants.

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Testing

Cirrus Environmental Solutions Ltd is able to assist clients with their compliance with the COSHH Regulations by carrying out statutory periodic examination and testing by undertaking thorough assessment of LEV.

LEV Testing can consist of assessment of air flows using instrumentation and smoke tests, as well as visual inspection of ductwork, captor hoods and receptors.

Our clients requiring LEV testing range from small joiners workshops to large laminate producers and chemical works.

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