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Clarydon is a leading supplier of printed circuit boards (PCB), printed wiring board (PWB) and contract electronics manufacturer (CEM). We offer subcontract PCB assembly, as well as a range of associated PCB Services.

PCB Fabrication

With two decades of experience in supplying printed circuit boards, Clarydon is ideally placed to meet your PCB fabrication requirements. Its “One-Stop PCB Solutions” approach means we are as comfortable in dealing with your Rapid Prototype from as little as eight hours to your Scheduled Volume requirements manufactured at our Chinese locations.

Prototype Printed Circuit Boards (CAD/CAM PCB Prototyping)

At Clarydon we offer fast efficient prototype PCB manufacturing services. We can offer turnaround time from 8 hours in ‘urgent’ situations, up to our standard prototype service which is based on a five working days manufacturing cycle.

Our ‘standard’ includes production tooling, design rule checks, and all of the product yielded from one production panel (typically 305mm X 406mm) includes solder resist and Ident and a silver or HAL level finish.

Single & Double Sided PTH PCB

Although the single sided PCB is the most basic and the start point of printed circuit technology and indeed, the start point of the invention, it still plays a major role in the industry.

The PCB was invented to give a good mechanical base for components and by using printing to produce the tracks allowed repeatability of interconnections in volume.

Multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards

The multilayer PCB is the development of the double sided PCB. With increasing complexity and density of components many designers were struggling to find the route and size required for modern instruments. Adding just a power and ground plane to the inside of the board allowed the components to be powered with just two plated holes to the inner layers rather than a track back to a power/ground point.

Flexible & Flex-Rigid PCB

Flexible printed circuits can offer a great solution to connection between rigid PCBs with a reliable and repeatable product. They have so many applications it would be impossible to list them all here. They offer a third dimension to connect between rigid boards or to interface between a board and a remote device, for example a sensor or a speaker microphone as in a mobile phone. They offer a lightweight solution, about half the weight of a rigid or a cable harness, to interconnections.

Metal backed PCBs for high power LED applications / IMS

With recent developments in LED technology, a range of high intensity surface mount LEDs has enabled designers from many industries such as traffic signals, concealed lighting, decorative work and many others, to use LEDs where once they may have used conventional bulbs or lamps.

PCB Design Services

Our Comprehensive design software allows us to manage your project and produce Gerber Files, Assembly Drawings, Bills of Materials, SMT / AOI Placement Data. We have experience in designing simple Single Sided LED boards through to complex system design, Multi- Layer construction, Controlled Impedance, Analogue or Digital and High Frequency RF Products

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