Classical Chandeliers


For a chandelier to carry the label "Bohemia Crystal", the entire chandelier must be made in the Czech Republic. Also, it must pass or exceed very strict quality standards set by the Czechs to enforce and protect the well-guarded trademark “Bohemia Crystal”. Crystal, by definition, is glass of superior quality and high degree of brilliance. Not all crystal is the same because its quality, colour and brilliance strongly depend on the composition and proportioning of raw materials, and associated technological process, all of which are traditionally kept a secret within the community to protect the formulae.

Through these arrangements Classical Chandeliers are able to sell exquisite crystal chandeliers, wall lights, table lamps, pole lamps and other crystal glassware.

All chandeliers are traditionally made to the highest standards using lead crystal and the finest materials.Traditionally these chandeliers just lit palaces and state buildings across the world but through Classical Chandeliers offering these products at affordable prices the chandeliers can now light family homes, hotels, offices and company headquarters transforming them into buildings of distinction.

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