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Claude Lyons Ltd offers AC Voltage Stabilisers and voltage stabilisation technology. We have run a successful company for over 90 years and are now an unchallenged leader in voltage stabiliser techniques. We offer reliable AC power and servo-mechanical AC voltage stabilisers. This outstanding range of voltage stabilisers is available from (5.5 kVA - 1104 kVA) to (1.35 kVA - 231 kVA).

Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)

To protect against AC mains power conditioning problems you require Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) such as industrial plant protection. We have a wide range of UPS power supply systems which include multiple desktop applications.


Here at Claude Lyons we offer you a vast range of transformer knowledge and experience. We will always discuss your transformer requirements before producing your quotes, prototypes and designs.

Variable Transformers

The electrical control device with the most uses is the variable transformer. The variable transformer provides a variation of AC voltage which is undistorted. We have a variety of standard transformers which are normally available for fast delivery.

Power Products

Our wide range of power products include:

  • Engineered electrical control
  • Control and conditioning of AC mains power
  • Active harmonic conditioners and 3rd harmonic rejection transformers
  • Energy saving voltage regulators and transformers.

Our friendly and experienced staff can offer you help and advice on any of our power products.

Power Resistors and Rheostats

We offer an extensive range of rotary rheostats to suit all industrial and laboratory needs. The power resistors and rheostats comprise of nine basic frame size models from 25 watts (L25) to 750 watts (L750) with ohmic values from 1Ω to 15kΩ.

Dynamic Voltage Optimisation / Energy Saving Stabilisers

We offer Dynamic Voltage Optimisation / Energy Saving Stabilisers. Our PowerSave™ Voltage Optimisation offers a way to slash your energy bills by up to 25%. It eliminates wasted power and reduces your carbon footprint.

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