Claxton Engineering Services


Claxton, an Acteon company, leads the way in jack up engineering and services across the life of the asset – from pre-drilling to drilling, production and decommissioning.

Our services include rental equipment, modification and refurbishment, tailored engineering for project-specific applications and maintenance programs.

All our services are backed up by a world class in-house projects team and design-led engineering capability. We pride ourselves on the speed and quality of the service we provide for clients across the globe.

Drilling Riser Systems

Our riser systems are divided into two categories; either subsea or surface. Claxton provides all the ancillary tooling and installation consumables to deploy and retrieve the riser system, along with the necessary rig and wellhead interface equipment from our rental inventory.

All of our subsea drilling riser systems are also complemented by our comprehensive inventory of subsea wellhead connectors, BOP quick disconnect packages, riser handling tools, riser spiders, bolt tensioning/torqueing packages and bolting/gasket stocks.

Our surface drilling riser systems are also complemented by wellhead drilling adapters, crossover adaptors, DSA flanges, hubs, lifting adaptors and bolting/gasket stocks.

Claxton provide risers on sale or rental terms to suit the needs of your project. We also supply experienced crews to run the system offshore and often have 100% equipment back up.

Decommissioning and Cutting Services

With Claxton’s extensive knowledge and experiences of well decommissioning projects around the world, we define our unique offering as one that considers best practice that can be applied at different stages of the decommissioning process. We are also able to draw from interconnected disciplines from across the Acteon group of companies and third party partnerships for specialist analysis work and manufacturing/machining where required. This enables us to define a full service offering for projects on a case by case basis.

Claxton has grown significantly over the years in order to respond to our clients operating needs. The company’s integration strategy means we can offer comprehensive decommissioning packages to our clients for the following applications:

• Platform Wells (Rigless, Rig-based or combined ‘SIMOPS’)
• Subsea Wells
• Casing Recovery (Drilling Support Operations).

Asset Life Extension

Claxton’s offshore experience with structures means that we can “take the pain away” when it comes to your structural and well conductor asset life extension issues.

Whether you’re adding – or recovering – platform slots, replacing your aged centralizers, or adding a complete retrofit conductor guide array to significantly extend the life of your platform, Claxton can make it happen.

Platform Slot and Conducter Recovery Services

Platform slot recovery from Claxton is field-proven across over 280 cutting and recovery projects.

Subsea Camera Systems

Claxton sells more than just camera systems.

Having over three decades of working subsea under our belt, we understand the challenges operators face on their projects, the harsh treatment our equipment must withstand and the visual performance needed to make decisions.

It’s thanks to this experience that our camera systems are among the best you can find anywhere.

Rental Tools and Adaptors

Over 4,000 items of fully certified adaptors, hubs, crossovers overshots and spools, waiting for call off on your project today.

Tieback Engineering Services

With more than 700 performed across the globe, our understanding of the tieback process is second to none.

Clients benefit from a wide range of custom designed tieback rental equipment, including tooling and down-hole camera systems. These have been developed to complement the major wellhead and mudline/subsea system manufacturers’ components.

Surface Wellhead Supply, Maintenance and Replacement

Fast-track design and supply combined with deep experience of wellhead systems and interfaces.

Bespoke Offshore Engineering

Claxton is often asked to provide bespoke offshore engineering solutions in response to our clients operating needs.

These special projects are usually planned by operators, but also often come about as a result of unforeseen challenges – Claxton has over three decades of experience in working closely with clients to ensure successful resolutions to these issues.

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