Cleanroom design LTD

Contamination control is essential for the reliable and safe manufacture and assembly of electronic components, clinical products, pharmaceutical products and medical devices. This is why such critical processes are carried out in closely controlled cleanroom environments.

The ISO 14644 and EU GMP standards exist to provide guidance for cleanroom construction and operation.

Contamination control is also vital within the Laboratory environment with its hazards and risks to operatives and others from exposure to pathogens, biological agents and chemicals.

Certain guidlines exist such as those produced by the ACDP and ACGM.

However - the design and installation process of a cleanroom or laboratory can be complex - therefore it is essential that you select a reputable company with experience within these environments to carry out your cleanroom or laboratory design and construction.

EnviroMech provide a complete turnkey service ¿ from design through to construction, commissioning and validation.
We can also advise on the layout and space planning of your cleanroom or laboratory. If you are refurbishing, expanding or looking to build a new cleanroom or laboratory facility ¿ take advantage of our free project assessment.
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