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Dear Restauranteur

I want to show you the perfect way to enhance the ambience of your restaurant, in the same way as we have done for, among others, the Tamarind restaurant, the only Asian restaurant with a Michelin star, by sending you a FREE Sample.

Their restaurant, along with our oil candles, was featured in the Joy of Curry, recently aired on BBC and UK Living.Hundreds of other restaurants, including those owned by such culinary luminaries as Gary Rhodes, and as famous as The River Café, use our oil candles on their tables to create the perfect atmosphere for a wonderful dining experience, and you can create that too! All this for just a couple of pence an hour running cost!

If you haven¿t seen or heard of Oil candles before, then there is plenty of information on our website (, as well as images of our fantastic range. If you already know about them, and want to request your free sample straight away, just call us or e-mail us, always remembering to quote the reference AP0206.

Oil candles are beautiful items in themselves, and add a really stylish finish to your tabletop. On top of that, they are very clean, provide the benefit of natural light no mess or waste that you get with traditional wax candles, stay looking beautiful always, and are very cost effective.

We first discovered oil candles on a trip to Germany in 1991. We were so impressed we started to import them. However, we were not happy with the design and quality of the candles we were buying and so we started to design and manufacture them ourselves.

Most of our candles start life as a simple tube of glass, which we place into a lathe. The tube, spinning at high speed on the lathe, is then heated until it becomes red hot. When air is blown into the tube, the hot glass, which is now soft, is formed into beautiful shapes. Once formed, the lamp can be seperated from the tube, and after a strengthening process called annealing, it is ready to be sent out.

For your FREE SAMPLE , simply contact us by phone or e-mail and we will send you a lamp, with oil and full instructions. Please quote our reference number AP0206 when requesting your free lamp.
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