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At ClearTel, we know you expect quality products, dependable service, and superior product support.

Our Customer Care give you prompt, accurate answers and courteous, friendly service.

Our investment in support with all products makes them problem solvers, not just order takers. In addition, our staff is available for technical support, compatibility issues, and other information. 


Our support does not end when we ship the order.

ClearTel design, manufacture and supply handsets, gooseneck microphones, PMR products and many other voice related products, made specifically for OEM companies.


ClearTel works hard to provide effective solutions for its customers.  In simple terms this means helping to meet deadlines and manage workloads.  We bring extensive experience of varied working practices spanning many years in the form of down-to-earth practical solutions to voice related problems.


Design & Development

ClearTel design, manufacture and supply handsets, gooseneck microphones, PMR products and many other voice related products, made specifically for OEM companies. We provide the best quality, highest level of service and greatest value in the telecommunications industry.
We also offer design solutions to our customer’s requirements from the ground up, maximizing quality and efficiency to ensure that we can fulfil our customer’s requirements.


Cable and Harness Assembly

ClearTel manufactures a range of cables serving several different sectors including, Telecom, Dealer, Emergency services and Transport. We build standard and client specific requirements from simple single core terminations to 96 way multicores utilising various pvc and low smoke zero halogen protection.



ClearTel fully cater for our customers varied requirements, and have a specialist Engineering department where we carry out additional preparation works. We have a CNC machine, Pillar drills, Lathes, Compressors, Tapping machines, Band and Chop saws as well as various Presses. 

Our range of tools enables us to offer the most comprehensive range of services. ClearTel has the capability for a total manufacturing and sub contract solution.


Maintenance Service & Contracts

ClearTel Maintain most handset and goosenecks for the dealer market under contract or individual repairs.



ClearTel Ltd offer a number of robust, durable telecommunication handsets for a number of uses. Our handsets are used in investment banking trading floors, the military and throughout the telecommunications industry itself. We offer waterproof handsets and heavy duty military handsets as well as moulded and rubberised handsets; our military handsets can withstand the most severe environmental pressures. We do stock a comprehensive range of handsets but can also custom design to your specifications. Contact our sales team or view our website for more information on the complete range of handsets we offer.


Gooseneck Microphones

Our Gooseneck microphones utilise dynamic elements to provide one of the most reliable and clear microphone solutions available. Gooseneck microphones are used in conjunction with a number of communication systems including dispatch desks, paging systems and check-in desks. Gooseneck microphones come with flexible necks and a range of designs. ClearTel also has a range of sturdy desktop microphones as an alternative to the Gooseneck range. Browse through our website or online brochure for examples of the microphones we design and supply to our customers. Our expert sales staff will be happy to advise on the correct equipment to fulfil your needs.

Gooseneck Microphones

Dispatcher Units

Our PMR radio workstations come in a range of designs, specifications and sizes. Our radio workstations are designed with the user in mind and are commonly used in command/control and dispatch environments. The radio workstations are of the highest quality and can complement a number of external accessories such as gooseneck microphones. All of our radio workstations are simple to use and we also offer support and maintenance advice for our customers as and when required. Our website and downloadable brochure has additional information and examples of our radio workstations.

Dispatcher Units
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