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Cleveland Circuits Ltd are a long established and successful PCB manufacture and assembly company specialising in prototype and small to medium batch sizes. We are able to offer a PCB prototyping service with deliveries available from 24hrs for bare boards and 3-5 days for PCB assemblies.

Our wide range of services include:

  • Conventional and through hole PCB Manufacture
  • Multi-layer PCB Manufacture
  • Metal backed IMS PCB's
  • PCB Assembly
  • Surface Mount PCB Assembly
  • PCB Reverse Engineering
  • PCB Design Services

PCB Manufacture

Established for over 37 years Cleveland Circuits manufacture and assemble a broad range of PCB technologies ranging from simple single sided pcb's and PTH boards to complex multi-layers with up to 20 internal layers and hole diameters down to 0.2mm. We produce a vast range of PCB's and PCB assemblies for use within a wide range of industrial and commercial products including

  • CCTV equipment
  • Data communication
  • Geo-physical sonar
  • Fire protection and suppression systems and more

Our friendly, professional approach and flexible attitude make us the ideal manufacturing partner for all your electronic manufacturing requirements.

  • Fast and Flexible Prototyping Service
  • In House PCB CAM Engineering Department
  • Production Capabilities
  • Quality Systems and Approvals
  • PCB Technologies
PCB Manufacture

PCB Assembly

At Cleveland Circuits we offer a PCB assembly solution to complement our in-house printed circuit board manufacturing capabilities. We are able to populate both conventional through hole and surface mount technology PCB's using our manual, semi and fully automated assembly equipment. Where time is of the essence, we are able to offer a prototype service with fully assembled boards supplied in 3 - 5 working days. As a single source supplier for all your electronic requirements we are able to deliver cost saving benefits through competitive component procurement and supply chain management to your organisation.

  • Surface Mount and Through Hole PCB Assembly
  • Automated Wave Soldering and SMT Reflow
  • Quality Systems, Approvals and Testing
PCB Assembly

Design Services

Designed to be flexible.....

Cleveland Circuits can offer a comprehensive PCB design solution to help with your next electronic development project or if necessary to help get your new idea or product off the ground and into the market place. We can help you with the initial concept or idea, offering practical advice and solutions throughout the entire design cycle incorporating DFM (design for manufacture) to help improve the manufacturing efficiency of the assembly and reduce the overall cost of your product.

Solutions available through our design service:

  • Use of advanced PCB CAD software and layout tools.
  • PCB layout from schematic diagrams.
  • Design for manufacture.
  • Conceptual design and development of your project.
  • PC software design and development.
  • Test kit development and manufacture to aid product verification
  • Full product specification and documentation
  • PIC software development
Design Services


Quality comes as standard.......

At Cleveland Circuits we manufacture a wide variety of printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies to our customers specific requirements. Every board and assembly is manufactured under our quality management system approved to ISO9001:2000. In addition we also employ IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610 acceptability standards for both printed circuit board and electronic assembly products. We have a fully equipped laboratory facility to check process chemistry parameters and plated hole integrity with the latest micro-sectioning and inspection equipment.

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Reverse Engineering

In most cases the original data required to manufacture a PCB or assembly is readily available and the board can be produced with no problems.

For old or obsolete PCB's there is typically no data or manufacturing information available other than the original circuit board and this can pose a problem when a replacement or spare unit is required. Our reverse engineering capabilities utilise the latest scanning techniques to accurately reproduce the original pcb artwork in electronic format including any solder resist artworks and component identification.

In addition if you have an assembled board and require this to be reverse engineered we can also create a bill of materials and procure the necessary components, often including obsoletes, to accurately manufacture and recreate the complete pcb assembly saving expensive re-design costs.

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Reverse Engineering


At Cleveland Circuits we recognise the importance of investing in the latest technology and automated equipment to provide our customers with printed circuit boards. Driven by our desire to increase efficiency and maintain product quality we are committed to continuing to invest in our manufacturing facilities to ensure that we remain a major force in the UK electronics market.

As you would expect from a leading UK printed circuit board manufacturer and assembler we have an impressive range of PCB assembly and ATE test equipment at our disposal.

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