Cloburn Quarry Co Ltd


CLOBURN QUARRY is located in the beautiful countryside near Edinburgh, Scotland's famous Capital City.

The quarry, which is over 100 years old, is a large deposit of uniform, bright red granite and is the only one of its type.

The rock is extremely hard and durable, and as such, it is ideal for use in concrete products and asphalts, and has massive reserves, guaranteeing continuity of supply.

The Company Philosophy….

Product Quality And

Complete Customer Satisfaction

This is the basis of a philosophy, which sets Cloburn apart from competitors.

A willingness to listen and react to customer needs, a commitment to constant product improvements, and careful monitoring of quality control, ensures that Cloburn offers the highest standard of service in Europe.

To further assist our customers, the Company has created an Advisory Services Department, which offers professional advice on all aspects of all our Granite Aggregates, including end-use applications.

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