CMS Group UK Ltd


Based in Nottingham and established in 2002, CMS Group UK Limited are a 100 % owned subsidiary Company of the large specialised machine tool manufacturer CMS Group. Established in 1969 CMS provide solution orientated CNC equipment for a wide varieties of markets including:

  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Pattern making
  • Composite 
  •  Plastic
  •  Timber, stone and glass cutting 

Uninterrupted technical research and constant innovation ensure CMS products stay at the fore front of technological advances thus guaranteeing high performance and long term reliability

Within the UK CMS employ a dedicated, highly skilled sales and engineering team with many years experience and a thorough understanding of the product range and customer application requirements. 

Installation and training programs are undertaken by the UK engineering team with post installation maintenance and service programs being offered to ensure long term reliability and high performance levels of the Groups installed products.

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