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Here at Coborn Engineering Co, we have over five decades of continuous development, design and manufacture of all parts of the Coborn range. We produce precision balancing machines and very rigid and accurate diamond grinding machines to meet the increased demand for retrofit, updating and rebuild of our models.

Over 80 percent of our machines are still being used all over the world, underpinning a reputation for unbeatable quality, reliability and economy.

Precision Spindles

For almost seven decades we have designed and manufactured high precision spindles for use in a diverse range of applications including the Coborn diamond tool grinding machines. We have designed and built high precision spindles for a variety of companies in the field of aerospace and machine tools, either for new, remanufactured or reconditioned units.

Bespoke Precision Spindles

We specialise in producing bespoke precision spindles and ‘one-offs’ to maximise the potential of any machine. We use bespoke software to manufacture electronic control systems for bespoke precision spindles or ancillary equipment, with upgrades and extras readily available. This means you are not constrained by current mainstream software capabilities.

Spindle Repair and Refurbishment

We provide a comprehensive spindle repair and refurbishment programme covering all types of spindles. We manufacture new parts in-house achieving a fast and economic delivery. We hold an impressive stock of bearings so that in practice 90 percent of spindle repair and refurbishment can be carried out without the delay of outsourcing the bearings. We provide a pick-up and delivery service in most circumstances.

Precision Balancing Services

We specialise in dynamic and precision balancing services. We have been building balancing machines for over six decades and have a separate balancing department certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 (Cert no FS 39578) standards. Our precision balancing services are used and approved by Rolls Royce.

Precision Balance Heritage

The founder of Coborn Engineering, Samuel Lewis Innocent worked with the British government during World War II to improve the performance of Spitfire planes. He came up with a master plan and due to his unique knowledge of dynamic precision, Coborn Engineering and Samuel Lewis Innocent did their part in helping to win the war.

Coborn Engineering did not stop there. In 2010, Coborn won the Havering Business of the Year award and are a trusted company with fantastic precision balance heritage.

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