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Here at CODEL International, our range of continuous emission monitoring analysers are suitable for a wide range of processes and provide measurements of CO, NO, SO2, CO2, NO2, CH4, HCL, and H2O.

Multi-channel stack emission monitors operate as automated and integrated CEMs systems or as individual process control gas monitors.

Our design engineer's highest priority is to create designs characterised by high reliability and low maintenance. In our range of continuous emission monitoring analysers, the GCEM4000 multi-gas analyzer uses in-situ measurement technology. It is capable of highly reliable operation with substantially reduced maintenance.

CODEL International Ltd

CODEL International Ltd are specialists in the design and manufacture of high-technology instrumentation for road tunnel atmosphere sensors, continuous stack emission monitoring and plant safety equipment.

Our aim is to design durable and reliable equipment capable of operation over long periods of time. CODEL International Ltd have over 25 years experience and we constantly develop new products, make improvements and deliver a range of instruments meeting today’s legislative demands and harsh environments.

Dust and Opacity Monitors

Our selection of dust and opacity monitors are installed for a variety of applications including burst bag detection.

Dust and opacity monitors can regulate small boilers through to large combustion plant processes. Our dust monitors have a reliable and reputed global record.

Flow Monitors

Our flow monitors utilises a correlation technique providing direct measurement with no contact with the flue gas.

Flow monitors have ultra-reliable sensors. They require no maintenance and operate at gas temperatures up to 1000oC and are available as either individual monitors or part of a fully integrated emission monitoring system.

Integrated Systems

Our series of integrated systems include SmartCEM, a solution for continuous emission monitoring. Using our flue gas analysers, flow monitors and dust monitors our package provides calibration and verification, digital communication, data logging, and automatic report generation software. At the centre of this concept, is the SmartCEM Control Unit which controls all the analysers and monitors to provide comprehensive stack emission monitoring. 

Data from the integrated systems can be transmitted via a serial digital link to a Central Data Controller and logged on a PC or transmitted onwards.

Tunnel Sensors

Our tunnel sensors are created especially for road tunnel applications and our range of sensors provides all the essential measurements necessary to monitor and control the tunnel atmosphere.

Our tunnel sensors are available as individual sensors or integrated into a network system. Our tunnel sensors are installed in over 350 road and rail tunnels across the world.

CODEL Safety Analysers

CODEL safety analysers provide early detection of fire and potentially explosive conditions.

CODEL safety analysers include UV flame and smoke detectors and can be installed on oil rigs. We have also supplied them for Eurotunnel and their cross channel passenger shuttles.

GCEM4000 Muli-channel In-situ Gas Analyser

The GCEM4000 Multi-channel In-stiu gas analyser is a multi-channel flue gas analyser using non-dispersive infrared absorption technology.

The GCEM4000 Multi-channel In-stiu gas analyser provides accuracy and low maintenance measurement of all the key combustion process emissions to atmosphere. 

DCEM2000 Dust & Opacity Monitor

The DCEM2000 dust and opacity monitor is a dual-pass transmissometer configured for the continuous measurement of opacity and dust concentration in flue gases.

Its advanced optical arrangement provides continuous measurements of transmissivity of visible light across the stack in opposite directions. It provides an accurate average of the dust loading in the stack and a dynamic assessment of any mis-alignment errors.

The DCEM2000 dust and opacity monitor is equipped with normalisation data inputs for oxygen, temperature, pressure, and water vapour.

VCEM5000 Flue Gas Flow Monitor

The VCEM5000 flue gas flow monitor offers non-contact measurement of gas velocity using a time-delay correlation of flue gas infrared emissions. They are received by two detectors spaced a fixed distance apart and the VCEM5000 flue gas flow monitor has velocities ranging from 1m/sec to 50m/sec.

This technique is ideal for combustion gases including gases with a high dust burden and hot gases. The VCEM5000 integrates directly into the CODEL SmartCEM system.

GCEM4100 Multi-channel Extractive Gas Analyser

GCEM4100 multi-channel extractive gas analyser is a hot extractive analyser for tricky flue gas monitoring applications.

It utilises infrared absorption spectroscopy to measure up to seven pollutant species in a single unit and does not require sampled gas to be cleaned and dried prior to analysis.

In the GCEM4100 mutli-channel extractive gas analyser, process gases are continuously drawn through a filtered probe installed in the flue gas and transported to the measurement chamber via a heated sample line.

40 Series In-Situ Gas Analyser & Emission Monitor

Our 40 series in-situ gas analyser and emission monitor is our current generation of in-situ gas analysers. It is designed for combustion processes and the analysers measure the key pollutants such as CO, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, CH4, HCl, CO2, and H2O.

The 40 series in-situ gas analyser and emission monitor utilises infrared spectroscopy to determine pollutant levels as gases diffuse into the stainless steel measurement chamber. It provides low maintenance and  high accuracy measurements. 

StakGard Indicative Dust Monitor

The StakGard indicative dust monitor uses tribo-electric effect to directly measure mass particulate concentration by sensing the frictional charge created when particles collide with a conductor.

The StakGard indicative dust monitor detects the signal and presents it to the operator via a modulating LED display. The product is designed specifically for dust collectors and meets the needs of the operator who requires reliable, robust and accurate monitoring.

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