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Cognitive Creations provide research, development and consulting services, specialising in web, mobile and artificial intelligence.fusing the hands-on tradition of digital agencies with the strategic leadership and insight usually reserved for exclusive consultancies.In building long-term relationships with our clients throughout the UK, we take the time to understand their aims and support their ongoing success.

Website Design

Web design is an understated discipline that can easily be undervalued and/or rushed through, resulting in websites that typically underachieve.


We never start designing your website until we understand your business. This means we listen to your objectives for the site, put together a strategy to achieve this, then design a solution that focuses on these objectives.


Information Architecture plays a big part in the design process; mapping out the routes of visitors in order to lead them on a path to becoming your next client.


This is a key phase that influences your sites success, which is why we take it very seriously when designing your site so that it best fits your needs. for these reasons the majority of the sites we design are bespoke and tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Website Design

Mobile Website Design

Mobile friendly is baked into all websites we design and build (unless the client explicitly doesn’t want it).


In the majority of cases it is no longer acceptable to have a website that isn’t mobile friendly. For any vanity, brochure or marketing websites it is simply reducing conversions by not adequately presenting your site to mobile users, as they now account for more than half of all search driven site visits.


With this in mind, all the websites we build are mobile friendly, or better still mobile first. Designing this way means you can be confident you’re not missing an opportunity, or failing to serve your visitors in a way that leads them to becoming a client.

Mobile Website Design

Web Apps & Business Applications

We build Web-based business applications to help you optimise your workflows.


In pretty much every aspect of the administration of running a business there will be opportunities to optimise, simplify or automate processes. These can be simply areas such as web applications to log in and securely access confidential documents, to business performance tools and insights into potential business opportunities.


We offer solutions that help address these bottlenecks in your business.


Web Apps & Business Applications

Hosting, maintenance and support

A website that isn’t managed will not be optimised to perform for too long.


Many companies ask for a new website and focus only on its launch. But this is only the beginning. Once it’s launched the next real challenge begins - the challenge to get the best return on your investment. Website owners that appreciate that their site needs care and attention to get up to speed and then continue to perform will see better performance, reduced security risks and most likely outperform many of their competitors.


We offer a fully managed service that takes care of all the hosting and maintenance, including site updates, server optimisations and bespoke content optimisations, along with technical support to help to get the most from your company's website.


Hosting, maintenance and support
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