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We have provided binding, print finishing and point of sale since our founding in 1970. In both supply and manufacturing, we are dedicated to providing professional, high-quality products combined with our exceptional customer support and help.

Our binding, print finishing and point of sale services supply the office environments, printing trade and the general public. We provide competitively discounted products and comprehensive stock levels and a very flexible approach to business.

Wire Binding

We provide professional, premium quality wire binding is spools or boxed cut to fit A4 and A5 applications. They come in white, black, blue, red, green, grey, silver, bronze, yellow, and navy blue.

Our wire binding service is performed with professional care. You can also purchase wire binding machines from us and we have a range of calendar hangers available too.

Comb Binding

Our comb binding come in 13 different sizes in any length up to 21 rings, or A4 size. Comb bindings are available in white, black, blue, red, green, grey, brown, yellow, navy, and transparent.

We also offer oval comb binding in white, blue or black.

Slide Binding Bars

We offer slide binding bars in white, black, blue, red, green, grey, brown and transparent in six different internal capacities.

Our slide binding bars can be produced in any length from 125mm to 1524mm from stock and we also provide a range of poster hanging bars.

Surebind & Velobind

Our surebind and velobind products are either ten-pronged surebinds or 12-pronged velobinds and come in white, black, blue and red.

Our surebinds and velobinds can be supplied with 25mm abd 50mm capacities.

Ball & Canoe Fittings

Our ball and canoe fittings are nickel plated and ideal for ID badges, label tags and swatches. Our ball and canoe fittings are available in five different lengths.

Split Rings

Split rings are provided in five different capacities: 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38,, and 51mm. Our split rings are produced nickel plated.

Swatch Straps & Swatch Fasteners

Our swatch straps and swatch fasteners come in black or white screw styles or transparent push-together, ratchet styles.

Swatch straps and swatch fasteners have central holes to allow for additional hanging wire and ball and canoe fastenings. They have binding capacities up to 15mm.

Binding Screws

Our ranges of binding screws come in 13 capacities and manufactured in either solid brass or silver, nickel plated. Plastic binding screws are available in white or black.

Binding Rings

Binding rings are provided in a range of eight different capacities and are silver or nickel plated.

Polypropylene and PVC Report Covers

We supply polypropylene and PVC report covers in a range of sizes including A5, A4 and A3 and in three different weights -- 140mic, 180mic and 240mic.

Our polypropylene and PVC report covers are available in frosted polypropylene in A5, A4 and A3 and in 350mic, 500mic and 800mic weights. 

Cold and Heat Seal Laminating Pouches

Our cold and heat seal laminating pouches are self sealing and need no additional machinery to seal them. Cold and heat seal laminating pouches are available in a range of sizes and suit a variety of applications.

You can also purchase a range of laminating machines from us too.

CD Spiders and Pockets

We provide a range of CD spiders and pockets and buttons in pockets, cases and tray styles. Our CD spiders are available transparent or in white and black.

Our CD pockets are available in clear PVC and are self adhesive.

CD Calendar Cases

We also supply CD calendar cases ideal for desk displays and desktop calendars. Our CD calendar cases are available in three different sizes: 125mm x 142mm, 190mm x 111mm and 98mm x 98mm.

Badge and Display Clips

Our badge and display clips range can be printed with your own personalised front over the plastic clip to produce your very own designed badge.

Our badge and display clips are self adhesive and are ideal for ID badges and badges perfect for conference events.

Spine Tape

Our range of spine tapes are available in four widths: 25mm, 38mm, 50mm and 75mm. Spine tapes come in rolls of 50 metres and are available in red, blue, black or white.

Hook and Loop Systems

Our hook and loop systems are available in white or black and with self adhesive backing.

Hook and loop systems can be supplied with discs or 25 metre lengths and we can provide bespoke cut sizes.

Glue Dots

Our self adhesive glue dots come in 8,000 dots per box. Our glue dots come in three different adhesive strengths.

Adhesive Disks

Our ranges of adhesive disks are ideal for sealing envelops and boxes and can be supplied plain or with perforated centres.

Our adhesive disks are transparent and measure 25mm or 50mm. They can have either a permanent or removable adhesive on one side.

Foam Pads

Our selection of foam pads come in three different sizes and are 2mm think.

Our foam pads are double sided and adhesive.

Suction Cups

We have a great range of suction cups suited for variety of uses.

Button suction cups are available in three different sizes and with have button suction cups with a hole or with a plastic hook. We also supply suction cups with thumb tacks.

Showcard Struts

Our showcard structs have a durable, rubber backed structure for excellent strength.

Showcard structs are ideal for mounting of showcards and are an excellent accessory for display boards.

Business Card Boxes

Our selection of business card boxes are transparent packaging and presentation boxes. They are available in three different sizes.

Our business card boxes are professional looking and impressive they are very durable and are ideal for sending in the post.

Drill Bits

Our selections of drill bits are available in standard coated steel or PTFE to produce the highest quality. They are manufactured to be long lasting even after high volume use. 

You can call us for the correct drill bit fittings.

Magnetic Disks and Tape

Our magnetic disks and tape are available in rolls 30 metre x 12.5mm x 1.5mm and are backed in adhesive. They are provided in standard or reverse polarity for excellent registration.

Magnetic disks and tape are available in super thin 9.5mm x 0.7mm and our disks are nickel plated and adhesive. 

Tissue Tape and Display Disks

Our ranges of tissue tape and display disks are perfect for print finishing and point of sale work. They are adhesive.

Tissue tape and display disks have finger lift and extra wide release backing for simple use and are ideal for window displays.

Shelf Wobblers

Our shelf wobblers are supplied at the best prices ever and can be produced in clear PVC with self adhesive padded ends.

Shelf wobblers really grab the attention and make excellent marketing tools.

Hanging Tabs

We provide hanging tabs for a range of applications and are especially ideal for point of sale displays. They are supplied on rolls for simply use or in small books.

Our hanging tabs are transparent and have durable, permanent self adhesive backs. 

Poster Hanging Bars & Banner-Rail

Our selection of poster hanging bars and banner rails are ideal for hanging up posters or banners and are available in three different styles.

They come in eight different colours and poster hanging bars and banner rails come in any length up to 1524mm.

Self Adhesive Pockets & Corners

Our self adhesive pockets and corners come in range of sizes and ready to fit into brochures, binders and documents. Our self adhesive pockets and corners are produced in a high quality polished PVC with self adhesive backing.

Our pockets are easy to apply and excellent for display reasons or attached information.

PVC Pockets and Job bags

We provide a range of PVC pockets and job bags produced in PVC or polypropylene.

PVC pockets and job bags can be supplied for a variety of uses including economy and prestige presentation needs.

Point of Sale

Our point of sale products range from a comprehensive selection of suspension wires, hooks and joining rings.

Our point of sale items also includes hanging buttons and hanging lines, safety pins and a range of display products.

Magazine Holders

Our magazine holders are perfect for inserting items into ring binders without damaging them. Insertion strips are multipunched and can be designed for use with loop style and slide bar style applications.

Our magazine holders can be easily released and offer a good alternative to insertion strips.

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