Cole-Parmer is a Leading Worldwide Source for Process and Laboratory Instrumentation

We have over 50 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of apparatus and instruments for measurement and control for customers in the engineering, scientific research, healthcare, environmental, industrial, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and educational sectors.

Our product range includes process equipment, control instrumentation, fluid handling products, personal safety items, laboratory equipment, temperature instruments, and electrochemistry products, among others.

All products are backed by FREE applications assistance. Detailed product information is available online and via the free 2200-page 2009/10 Cole-Parmer® general catalogue. Our online catalogue also features current pricing and stock availability for over 100,000 products.

Laboratory Equipment

• Balances, baths and circulators, centrifuges, chromatography, conductivity measurement, distillation apparatus, dispensing equipment, environmental and testing chambers, evaporators, filtration, fume hoods, hot plates, humidity meters, incubators, microscopes, ovens, pH meters and electrodes, refrigerators, refractometers, safety equipment and apparel, sample preparation equipment, shakers, sterilizers, stirrers, ultrasonic cleaners, plus an extensive selection of laboratory consumables.

Metering and General Transfer Pumps

• Wide variety of pumps including diaphragm, bellows, centrifugal, drum, gear, hand, industrial hose, piston, peristaltic tubing, progressing cavity, rotary lobe, rotary vane, syringe, and vacuum. Many available with ATEX options.

• Suitable for uses ranging from experimental, research, and laboratory to the industrial sector and OEM manufacturing, including a range of prebuilt skids for polymer-feed systems.

• Ancillary products include fittings, flowmeters, mixers, process controllers, tubing, and valves.

Exclusive Masterflex® Peristaltic Tubing Pumps

• Ideal for wide variety of metering applications.

• Flow rates from 0.0006 mL/min to 45 litres/min, pressures up to 6.8 bar

• Over 21 MASTERFLEX tubing formulations available.

• Self-priming; can handle particulate matter and gas without damage to pump.

• Available in various combinations, with fixed or variable speed, panel-mount systems, console or modular drives with analogue or digital controls.

Flowmeters and Flow Controllers for Gas and Liquid Applications

• Wide selection of flowmeters that use Coriolis, gear, propeller, magnetic, differential pressure, thermal dispersion, turbine, ultrasonic, or vortex technologies.

• Products range from GILMONT® variable-area benchtop flowmeters, suitable for laboratory applications, to heavy-duty turbine flowmeters designed for quality control in manufacturing plants, to magnetic flowmeters for food and beverage and other high-purity applications.

• Ancillary products including flow display panel meters, flow rate totalisers, sight flow indicators, and flow switches.

Oakton Instruments Electrochemistry Products

• Comprehensive range of Oakton® pH meters, conductivity meters, dissolved oxygen meters, turbidimeters, colorimeters, and other water-testing products for laboratory and field applications.

• Multiparameter meters allow you to measure pH, temperature, conductivity, mV, ions, dissolved-oxygen, TDS, salinity, and ORP in one convenient instrument.

• Handheld, portable, and benchtop meters in analogue and digital formats.

• Many of the meters feature IP67-rated housing for submerged use.

• Accessories include probes, electrodes, buffers, solutions, data recorders, cables, and reactor test strips and kits.

Temperature Measurement and Control

• Thermometers including glass, bimetal, digital and infrared models.

• Metering equipment includes thermocouple, platinum RTD and thermistor meters

• Controllers, probes, calibrators, recorders & dataloggers

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