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Coleshill Plastics Ltd, established in 1940, specialise in Thermo-set moulding. Their expert team of technicians pride themselves on providing an excellent service to all customers.

 They have a wide range of machines allowing them to produce a comprehensive selection of plastic products.

Design Tooling

Coleshill Plastics Ltd can carryout a design tooling service where they advise the customer on product mouldability and tool design.

Coleshill Plastics Ltd does not manufacture tooling but they do work very closely with a toolmaker. This close relationship ensures their customers receive the perfect products. Coleshill Plastics work as project managers as part of their design tooling service to guarantee everything runs smoothly.

Design Tooling

Compression Moulding

We have a comprehensive range of semi-automatic and automatic thermo-set moulding machines for compression moulding.

Our machines can duplicate from 40 tonnes to 860 tonnes. The majority of our compression moulding machines are equipped with transfer equipmentplc’s, hydraulic core pulling facilities and induction heated platens.

Our larger machines are capable to accommodate any tooling requiring oil or other forms of heating.

Compression Moulding

Injection Moulding

We offer two types of injection moulding: Thermo-set injection moulding and Thermoplastic injection moulding.

Thermo-set injection moulding can be used on a variety of plastics for hydraulic ejection, core pulling and integral gate cropping.

Thermoplastic injection can be used with high specification engineering thermoplastics.

Injection Moulding

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