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We are based in the UK but also have offices in South Africa and Australia. The main sectors of focus are the leisure and home markets. We specialise in liquid crystal and chromozone temperature sensing technologies.

These include thermochromic products, photochromic products and hydrochromic products. All our products are innovatively designed for a wide range of applications.

Thermochromic products sense temperature changes and utilise liquid crystal and similar thermochromic inks to trigger colour changes in the product. This method and our products can be used in human temperature monitoring, surgical uses, and even colour changing jewellery of a 1960s theme.

Photochromic Products

Our range of photochromic products are triggered by UV. This can create a number of uses in colour changing products and we have applied them to fun apparel and party items, from nail varnishes to sports bottles.

Further photochromic products we have designed and manufactured include:

  • Threads
  • Inks
  • UV strength warning products
Photochromic Products

Hydrochromic Products

Our eclectic range of colour changing products extends to hydrochromic products. These hydrochromic products are water and moisture sensitive.

This exciting, innovative line of products includes:

  • Umbrellas
  • Shower curtains
  • Clothing
Hydrochromic Products

Colour Changing Products

At Colour Changing Products, we are committed to bring exciting and innovative ideas to life, across a range of products suitable for recreational uses, for home and work-based functions.

Colour changing graphic technology is our passion at Colour Changing Products. Our UV, water and temperature affected products can not only be fun and colourful, but of high purpose and forward thinking in areas such as health and safety and in the medical business.

If you have your own ideas and designs, we are more than happy to work with you as a consultancy and provide solutions. Please get in touch for all of you colour changing product queries.

Colour Changing Products

Colour Changing Technology

Specialists in unique colour changing products and materials utilising graphic colour changing technology, we now have a retail outlet in Australia trading as Colour Changing Products Australia.

Colour Changing Products specialise in the sales of our Chromazone temperature sensing and liquid crystal products.

The limits are endless with our colour changing technology expertise. We have manufactured all of our designs and creations to the highest of standards with clients and applications ranging from NASA, who have used our technology on their space shuttle, to nail polish that changes colour in the sun.

Not only is our range increasing, but our scope and market base is too. As well as the new Australian sales branch, you will soon be able to find us in Dubai and South Africa.

Colour Changing Technology

Nursery Thermometers

For the most exciting and innovative products for nurseries and fun baby and child products, we have an exclusive range for you.

We have a selection of Mr. Men nursery thermometers for baby and child. We can even supply similar Mr. Men products for adults for those of you with a real passion for the classic cartoon characters.

As well as nursery thermometers, we also supply:

Nursery Thermometers

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