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Where quality and reliability come first COMPLETE FABRICATION!


With a proactive team of some of the best prototyping hands and minds in the business, can you afford not to have us as part of your project team?

We understand and embrace the challenges of any project set before us, from a small intricate medical prototype with function to a full-size vehicle mock-up. Committing to deliver exactly what our clients require on time and to budget.

With repeat customers forming 82% of our client base, we seem to have a winning formula.


With over 20 years of experience in the prototyping business, Complete Fabrications has a resource centre better than most. With an extensive in-house capability we can utilise the most advanced materials and process as well as the traditional to achieve successful and confident projects.

With a fully automated vacuum casting facility, self coloured replica injection moulded parts come to the highest standard. If your parts require a paint finish, then suede and rubber coatings to name just two come with ease from our extensive range of in-house paint systems.

A team member is constantly looking at new techniques and materials that may be adapted or used directly. This keeps us at the cutting edge of our industry.

Whatever the project or scale Complete Fabrication will find a suitable process and team to deliver to you an outstanding prototype, which can be used in a variety of fields including:

  • Exhibition
  • Marketing
  • Trial Testing
  • Fit and Function
  • Production  



Whether you require us to modify an existing CAD design before we take it on to prototyping, or you would like us to make your sketch design a reality. We have the skills to undertake the project.

With both on system sketching and 2 SolidWorks Seats and of course our skilled staff, we can tackle most projects and if we can't, we know someone who can.


The brief was kiosk with a touch screen that accepts cash, credit cards, gives change and prints a receipt, in as small a space as possible. With all of the working parts being off the shelf it was a design process that required these parts to be integrated into a steel unit which was sheet over a steel frame, with a splash of colour from the bright green GRP side cheeks.



When you move into the world of Design Art everything has to be just!! The details have to be just so, and the craftsmanship perfect. There is no forgiveness in these pieces and we understand the designers' reputation is in our hands.

That is why many of the experimental techniques used need to be researched and tested first to ensure that all the elements work together in harmony. We test all new techniques in our workshop at Complete Fabrication, suppplying our client with samples for approval, giving all the confidence needed to move forward with the piece that will stand prode of place in some of the finest homes, buildings and exhibitions world wide.

When we built the rubber chairs you see to the right we had no idea that they would end up in the Design Museum, in a star position in the "Think Tank".


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