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Computalabel International is a software house dedicated to developing and publishing barcode software for Mac and Windows. We have offices in Leicester, UK and Newburyport, MA U.S.A.

Our best-selling and award-winning barcode software, MacBarcoda, (now called MBC4) was first released in 1988 and has been providing high-quality barcode images for many thousands of well-known brands ever since. In 2008, we added the Windows equivalent, WBC4.

Our Online Barcodes service allows customers to purchase individual bar code images from our website for immediate delivery by email. We have recently launched a label printing service where customers can order small quantities (1000-10000) of barcode labels for next-day delivery. Our other products include Pharmacoder for pharmacuetical barcodes and barcode fonts for Windows and Mac.

In addition, we provide custom development of barcode and artwork systems, specialising in automated reprographics for labelling and ticketing systems. We are Solution Provider members of GS1, the global standards organisation which co-ordinates supply-chain barcoding and data exchange around the world. Our GS1 accreditation shows that we are regarded as experts in bar code technology and that we keep up-to-date with GS1 standards.

MBC4 Barcode Software for Mac

High-quality barcodes that scan first time, every time have always been vital, but there is now an ever-increasing number of bar code styles in use. Our aim at Computalabel International is to make barcode production as easy as possible.

MBC4 has all the bar coding features necessary for generating precise, accurate barcodes which always scan. Plus you get unrivalled support from the people who invented PostScript barcoding way back in 1988.

Over 200 different barcode types are supported from the most popular symbologies such as UPC, EAN, ISBN, Code128, ISSN, Code 39, ITF and QR Codes! Plus, we've just added GS1-Databar, Intelligent Mail and Code 128 Subset A!

MBC4 produces accurate and precise barcodes which adhere to the official guidelines for each barcode type. Barcodes can be adjusted to compensate for the printing process you are using.

MBC4 checks the data that you enter to ensure you don't produce a bad barcode. The check digit is verified and the structure is checked against the official standards. MBC4 also limits the size of your barcode so you don't break the rules.

Hundreds of Barcode Types
All popular barcode types are supported, plus hundreds of less common types so you won't be stuck when your customer asks for an obscure layout. Check out the full list on our website.

Easy Barcode Selection
MBC4's range of barcode types is divided into 12 symbologies. Clicking on one of the buttons shows a list of sub-types. The Info box displays a description of each one.

Help and Support
All customers are entitled to unlimited email and telephone support. We can check your barcode quality for free and advise on getting the best possible results from your equipment.


MBC4 Barcode Software for Mac

Buy Barcodes Online

Our Online Barcode facility can provide high-quality barcode images, produced exactly to your requirements and sent to your inbox within minutes! This facility is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

You can specify UPC-AEAN-13ITF-14, ITF-14 US, Code 39, ISBN-13, ISBN-13+5 or ISSN+2 barcodes in a choice of EPSTIFFJPEG or PDF formats.

If you're new to barcoding, we'll help you every step of the way. You can order free samples for testing and we'll even examine your prints for free. We'll advise you of the best settings and techniques to achieve high-quality final images that scan every time.

Buy Barcodes Online

Pharmaceutical Barcodes

We have produced the Pharmacoder application as a separate product to MBC4/WBC4, even though it functions as a bar code generation utility.

Like MBC4 and WBC4, it generates bar codes as EPS files which can be placed into a packaging design. Unlike the bar code types supported by MBC4 and WBC4, Pharmacode allows for codes to be used which have more than one bar color within the code.

Multi-color codes are used when important information is printed onto the packaging in more than one color.

Pharmaceutical Barcodes

Barcode Fonts

A font provides compatibility with a wide range of software and can be used to easily convert data into a bar code. We produce fonts for some of the more suitable bar code types. Each font is available in Macintosh or Windows versions, in TrueType and PostScript Type 1 formats. They come complete with instructions and a utility program which will calculate the check digit.

However, there are important considerations which may make the use of a bar code generator, such as MBC4 or WBC4 a simpler option:

Not all bar code types have a 1-to-1 relationship between the data and the corresponding bar/space pattern. For example, there may be more than one way of representing each data character. This may depend on where the character falls within the code. Some barcode types encode pairs of digits, which means there cannot be a direct relationship between the bar/space pattern and the corresponding key on the keyboard.

There may also be characters in the barcode which do not form part of the data. Normally, a bar code will have a start and stop pattern. There may be other "hidden" characters such as internal check digits and shift characters which do not form part of the data.

And of course, most bar codes use a check digit as the last data character. If you don't know the check digit, you will need some method to calculate it yourself. Our font packages include Check Digit Calculators which run as a separate utility and provide the check digit for the data that you enter.

Barcode Fonts
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