Computer Forensics Lab (UK)


Computer Forensics and Digital Forensics Investigations
Computer Forensics Lab specialises in computer forensics and digital forensics investigations uncovering invaluable digital evidence from hard drives and digital media.

Electronic Discovery and E-Disclosure
Computer Forensics Lab specialists can help investigators find all the relevant information stored on hard drives, computers, digital media and networks by searching, organising and presenting the information in an orderly manner.

Forensic Data Recovery
When lost data cannot be recovered using conventional methods, then the only way to get hold of the data, is forensic data recovery. Computer Forensics Lab provides forensic data recovery for businesses and private users.

Secure Data Erasure

Safe and secure data disposal in hard drives, computers and digital storage devices is essential when companies are merged, restructured, sold or dissolved. Computer Forensics Lab is capable to securely wipe data or dispose of it for security and legally-binding purposes.


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