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Concentrix TSG are independent CRM specialists and software vendors. We’ll look at your objectives, processes and requirements and recommend the CRM product most suited to your organisation. Concentrix TSG offers a balanced selection of the very best CRM software solutions available. The company also provides unbiased information and advice: from helping you choose the right CRM software for your business, right through to CRM implementation and software support.

Concentrix TSG have produced a variety of CRM case studies, and we also offer a variety of email marketing software for CRM systems.

CRM Software

Concentrix TSG is a leading UK independent CRM software specialist. The company takes a product agnostic approach to delivering solutions from a range of the best CRM software providers, and offers both on-premise and cloud-based CRM solutions. And as well as supplying CRM software, Concentrix TSG offers CRM implementation, consultancy, training and UK-wide support, plus hardware and IT infrastructure.

Microsoft CRM

With over 4.1 million users throughout the world, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the most popular choices of CRM software for new and existing CRM users alike. It’s certainly the most popular CRM solution among Concentrix TSG customers. The latest version, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is available in 41 different languages is one of the most powerful, flexible yet easy to use solutions available.

The products familiar interface, ease of use, flexibility, and wide range of functions make Microsoft Dynamics CRM ideal for small and large organisations alike. It can be deployed on-premise, or ‘in the cloud’ using the cloud-based version, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Both Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online have extensive features and can be run using Internet Explorer, or direct from within Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is extremely cost effective with highly competitive pricing and low cost of ownership.

Sage CRM

Sage CRM is an award winning CRM solution from UK software giant Sage. The intuitive, web-based CRM software has groundbreaking functionality to help your sales teams win more business, provide powerful tools for your marketing team, and help all your staff deliver outstanding customer service. From email to social media, the wide range of features in Sage CRM help everyone in your organization communicate more effectively.

Concentrix TSG is one of the leading UK providers of Sage CRM, and will configure the software so you get a solution which meets the precise needs of your business. With low cost of ownership and rapid return on investment, Concentrix TSG will help ensure Sage CRM starts increasing efficiency, effectiveness and productivity throughout your business.


GoldMine from FrontRange solutions has a strong and loyal customer base, and for good reason: GoldMine CRM software has always offered great functionality, at a realistic price. Concentrix TSG has one of the largest base of GoldMine customers in the UK. GoldMine is a robust, easy to use and tried and tested CRM solution with an impressive selection of tools and features.

Easy Start CRM Packages

Often the hardest part of implementing a CRM system is getting the project started. So Concentrix TSG offers Easy Start CRM Packages to get you up and running quickly and efficiently. They’re available for a range of best-in-breed CRM software solutions including Sage CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and FrontRange’s GoldMine.

Accounts and ERP Software

Successfully implementing an ERP system can take significant time, effort, and resources. That’s why it’s important to choose the right ERP consultant and business partner. Concentrix TSG is a leading UK independent ERP systems specialist. The company takes a product agnostic approach to delivering solutions from Sage and Microsoft, and offers both on-premise and cloud-based ERP solutions. And as well as supplying ERP software, Concentrix TSG offers consultancy, training and UK-wide support, plus hardware and IT infrastructure.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the leading mid-market business management solution in the UK. It's a highly flexible, intuitive product which Concentrix TSG can implement and configure to meet almost any business requirement and deliver real, significant and measurable gains across your business.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is available from Concentrix TSG for on-premise deployment, or as Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the Cloud.

Concentrix TSG supplies and implements Microsoft Dynamics NAV because, not only is it the most popular solution among UK businesses, but also because it's the strongest product for the majority of our ERP customers and target market. 

Sage 200

The Sage 200 suite is a popular and powerful ERP solution for small and medium sized businesses.

Ideal for organisations that have outgrown entry-level accounting or ERP software, Sage 200 provides a modular, flexible and integrated business management system. Quick to deploy, easy to use and packed with features, Sage 200 brings together all the core processes of your business. 

Sage 200 modules are available for almost every function of your business. The Sage 200 foundation modules provide accounting, finance and CRM functionality. Optional modules are available to cover your other key functions. This means Sage 200 helps you manage your entire organisation: from marketing, sales and customer service, to accounting and finance, production, manufacturing, project management, HR and senior management.

Accounts and ERP Add-On Software

Concentrix TSG provides a range of add-on applications for Accounts and ERP software to help you increase efficiency, reduce costs and work towards the paperless office.

TimeControl automated timesheet software will link to your CRM, ERP or accounts solution. With easy, quick and accurate data entry, TimeControl eliminates the need for paper-based timesheets.

Spindle Professional fully integrates with the Sage 200 Suite and Microsoft Dynamics NAV so you can automate communications, reducing errors while saving time and money on stationery.

Business Intelligence Software

You don't need to spend hours making sense of complex data. Credit Guardian from Draycir does the hard work for you and displays important company and credit information in a way that’s insightful and easy to understand.

By taking information from multiple sources, Tableau visual data analysis and business intelligence software gives you a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of what's happening within your business environment.

IT Infrastructure, Hardware and Networks

Concentrix TSG provides complete business management and IT solutions. So as well as CRM and ERP software, we also supply IT hardware, networks, telecomms and infrastructure. This includes security products for CRM, accounting and ERP software, as well as leading brand computer hardware for businesses, IT consultancy, systems and support.

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