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Concept CAD supply a professional design service to the electronics industry. We are one of the top UK Cadence design bureaus, able to draw on years of experience at the forefront of PCB design using the most powerful CAD tools. As one of the few UK bureaus running the high performance "Allegro Expert - XL" suite of tools, customers can be sure Concept CAD has the tools and skills required for the design of the high speed, signal integrity critical, boards of today.

Our scalable resource has earned us a reputation for outstanding, service, quality and flexibility, and a drive to ensure that customers' deadlines are met, however aggressive.

With locations in Nottingham, Manchester and Birmingham, and provision for on site support anywhere in the UK, Concept CAD has the capacity to cope with the most demanding projects.

Engineers are available for anything from single day site visits to extended on site working.

All of our designers have over fifteen years experience in PCB design and have many years experience in dealing directly with customers. As a consequence, we can efficiently discuss and understand your design requirements.

PCB Design

Concept CADs expertise is in the design of leading edge Printed Circuit Boards. We have the ability to import most of the standard netlist formats in to our CAD tool. Footprint creation, though to complete fab and assembly pack output.

Please see the technology page for a thorough review of our capabilities

PCB Design


Fabrication and assembly packs can include the following:

Master design file
Fabrication documentation
PCB Gerber data
Drill data in Excellon format
IPC netlist
ODB/ODB++ data
Assembly drawings
DXF data
IDF data
Component X/Y data report
Custom outputs and reports are also available

Board Fabrication

A close working relationships with leading board fabricators keeps us up to date with the latest developments in the ever changing world of board fabrication. Engaging with the fabricator at the start of the design ensures that the board design is optimised for their capabilities.

Our knowledge and experience of the capabilities of different board fabricators means that we can assign fabrication of each board to the most appropriate company. Choosing the correct fabricator to suit your circuit board ensures quality PCBs without paying for non-required capabilities. Allowing Concept CAD to manage board procurement can relieve customers of the associated technical issues and distractions of board fabrication.

Outsourcing board fabrication to Concept CAD can save you both time and money.


Our partnerships with assembly operations enable Concept CAD to offer our customers a full turnkey solution.

As with board fabrication: our experience of different assembly houses ensures that we work with the most appropriate company for each design. Working direct with the circuit board assembly house allows rapid and effective communication and a speedy resolution of any queries.

Component Procurement

In support of our assembly capabilities we can also offer a component procurement service.

Concept CAD can manage your design from schematic capture though to delivery of assembled boards

Outsourcing board fabrication, assembly and component procurement to Concept CAD means that you can focus on the things you're good at:

designing circuits.

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