Concise Technologies Ltd


Who are we?

Established in 1990 Concise Technologies is a specialist networking company with a focus on effective and efficient solutions using complimentary yet diverse technologies. Concise Technologies design, install and support innovative solutions. Our expertise in the networking area is broad; covering WAN, LAN and Internet infrastructures with an emphasis on integrated solutions involving facets of each of these areas. With a wide customer base in the British Isles, Concise advocate a no nonsense approach to our clients with a philosophy of "keep the customer happy".


Services that we offer
• Primary and Secondary Network Support
• Remote Network Management
• Specialist IT Solutions & Consultancy
• Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
• Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam Solutions
• Installation and cabling
• Network and Security Audits/Health checks
• Secure Connectivity (including Firewalls) & E-mail Access
• Hardware & Software Supply
• Unified Messaging & Communications Systems
• Disaster Recovery
• Telecommunications
• Telecoms Support
• Business Telephone Systems and Mobile Phones
• Flexible Working Solutions

Our Credentials

Over the past 14 years Concise Technologies have provided support and consultancy services to all sizes and types of organisations. Our support team, have a wide range of technical qualifications from companies such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and Citrix.


The Concise Technologies Difference

Over the years we have developed a good understanding of our clients.

It is reassuring that they all want the same thing from their network support provider and trust us because we deliver on all of these areas:
• Reliability
• Value for Money
• Effectiveness
• Confidentiality
• Experience
• Knowledge

Our Philosophy

To nurture long-term relationships rather than seek short-term gain. Our clients like this approach, as it ensures that they get a continuously high quality service, all of the time.

We always answer this question with a question of our own? How much money would your business loose if it was rendered non-productive?


Contacting Concise Technologies

Contact us and arrange a no-obligation consultation. In the meantime our customer services team are always on hand to assist you with any further query you may have.

Can we help?