Conference Expo


We provide conference stand packages for conferences with 5-100 exhibiting sponsors.

Our stand packages offer far reaching benefits for conference organisers:

  • Uniform and professional look
  • Maximises use of space
  • Eliminates organisational stress
  • Can provide an additional revenue stream.

Exhibiting sponsors also gain huge benefits by using our conference package. Your sponsors will be given a premium experience at your conference by having tailored messaging and a strong brand presence. It also provides a hassle-free experience of not having to bring or set up their own displays.

The costs associated with operation and logistics are also reduced, if not eliminated for both conference organisers and sponsors.

With various configurations to suit all sponsorship tiers, we are able to cater to your event.

As each stand can be personalised with a unique graphic and choice of optional bolt-on-accessories, this provides flexibility for exhibiting sponsors.

We can also deliver a holistic look and feel to your event by providing additional solutions for branding your venue including signage, graphics and registration counters which can be combined with the Conference Expo stand package.

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