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Conformance Services conduct product development, prototype testing and EMC testing to all of the frequently used European, North American, and CISPR standards. We offer formal test results, in-situ testing, pre-compliance work, EMC standards and CISPR standards.

Safety Testing

Conformance Services Ltd offer professional safety testing. We offer "Notified Body" safety reports you can deliver to your clients in either paper or online via pdf format. We can also travel to your premises and carry out the work in-situ for large equipment such as machinery and plant.

Please see our website for further details on safety testing and EMC testing.


Low Voltage Directive

Conformance Services Ltd offer EMC low voltage directive services such as prototype testing, product development and design consultancy. We are recognised by the UK Department of Trade and Industry as a "Notified Body" for the EMC directive and for the low voltage directive.

CE Marking

We are members of the EMC test laboratory association and offer CE marking  for European conformity. This means equipment has been tested to a high standard.

Please see our website for more information on CE Marking.

Technical Files

The EMC standards route is often not the best way to comply with the Directive.Technical Files are an alternative route to compliance with the EMC Directive.

Call us now to hear about the advantages of a Technical Construction File (TCF). Technical files can also be used in support of CE Marking.

Conformance Services Ltd

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