Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ltd


Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ltd

Did you know, we are surrounded by millions of airborne particles? Harmless to people in everyday life, they can cause problems for industries that require a clean environment. A cleanroom is a controlled environment which minimises the presence of these airborne particles.

At Connect 2 Cleanrooms, we have been providing bespoke modular cleanroom solutions to companies across the globe for over 10 years. We are a forward thinking company and have achieved great success with a 25% growth year on year.
As market leaders we constantly strive to provide the best in customer service and we achieve this through our professional team of employees who are excited about facing the daily challenges that come with working at a fast paced and dynamic company.

Driving efficiencies within our cleanrooms is of paramount (upmost) importance to our clients. That is why 8 years ago we developed, the cleanroom consumables Division of Connect 2 Cleanrooms. At , we supply cleanroom clothing, cleaning, monitoring equipment and furniture through our Business Development Team and via our transactional web site

Connect2cleanrooms are the market leaders, with an international distribution network, excellent customer service, competitive pricing and a commitment to innovation. Connect 2 Cleanrooms are Triple BIBA Award 2013 finalists.

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