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We are a family-run business specialising in conservatory blinds and provide expert advice on a range of blinds for conservatories.

We offer tailor-made conservatory blinds in a variety of styles and for any budget, all across the UK. Our blinds are fitted accurately and neatly by our expert installers and can be produced to compliment any style or shape of conservatory, and work as conservatory roof blinds or window blinds..

Pleated Conservatory Blinds

We offer pleated conservatory blinds that are purpose built and provide the most accurate fit. Along with the the best value for money, they can be installed into any conservatory style and have combined, fabric-control cording to hold the blinds in shape.

Our uniqure range of pure™ pleated blinds are manufactured with silicone and stainless steel micro-cables to provide sleek operation. The new technology allows us to install them on any glazing beads with concealed clips.

Pinoleum Conservatory Blinds

Our pinoleum blinds are produced from wood and woven using high-tensile polyester thread. They are edged with acrylic braid to sustain their durability.

Our exclusive pure™ pinoleum blinds have soft, Roman folds and filter the light gently to create shade and reduce glare. We offer our blinds in a range of colour combinations and offer optional solar lining. 

Pinoleum blinds are popular in Bespoke Conservatories, Orangeries and Garden Rooms.

Roman Conservatory Blinds

Roman blinds for a conservatory offer an elegant style with soft look and feel fabric. They offer excellent privacy when pulled at night and, unlike other Roman blinds, are safe to use in conservatories with UV stabilisers and solar reflectors.

Our pure™ Roman Blinds can be supplied in 16 colours and a range of coloured rails to suit your style and home.

Remote Control Conservatory Blinds

Our remote control conservatory blinds are incredibly easy to use with handsets with clear LED screens to help operation. They individually control each blind. They give you simultaneous control over all blinds. Our experienced installers can fit them to neatly integrate into your conservatory.

We've created the only remote control blind system designed specifically for conservatories, named puresolo™. They can be fitted as roof and window blinds and operate in different directions. You can choose the way you use them and they can be tailored to meet your requirements exactly.

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