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Since being established in 1965, the Continental Disc Corporation has grown to become one of the worlds leading manufacturers of Rupture Discs (Bursting Discs) and associated safety equipment, including vapour control products produced by our affiliate - The Groth Corporation.  Unlike many manufacturers, all of our products are produced in-house at either our disc plant in Liberty, Missouri, or our valve plant in Stafford, Texas.

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What we do

At Continental Disc we are committed to providing the best quality and most up to date rupture disc technology available, and to exceeding your expectations with customer service that is second to none. 

We manufacture and supply rupture discs - bursting discs - for an extensive range of applications across a broad spectrum of industries including: 

  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil & Gas
  • OEM
  • Aerospace and defence
  • Food, beverage, dairy and more...
What we do

Where we are

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HPX Rupture Disc

The HPx rupture is the most advanced rupture disc available today.  HPx has been tested and proven to exceed 250,000 cycles (From 0 to 90% of the marked burst pressure) - No other disc available today offers the same resistance to fatigue failure caused by cycling, therefore no other disc is safer.  Available in a range of materials and sizes, and a choice of 90% or 95% operating ratio, HPx will reduce downtime, increase your assets productivity and reduce costs - But most importantly it will improve safety and reduce risk.


Please visit our webpage to download a product brochure and technical brief.

HPX Rupture Disc

The widest product range

There is no such thing as a fix-all rupture disc.  Each disc is produced to order, and is selected to provide the optimum performance for any given duty and process.  At CDC we have the widest range of rupture discs and associated accessories available from a flat composite disc installed between flanges, to a bespoke disc and holder produced for space flight.   Please visit our website now to find more information on all of our products including: HPx® Rupture Disc, LPx® Rupture Disc, ULTRX® Rupture Disc , MINTRX® Rupture Disc ,STAR X® Rupture Disc, LOTRX® Rupture Disc, RCS™ Rupture Disc.
The widest product range

Sanitary Rupture Discs

Specialised pharmaceutical and biotech applications need unique specialised rupture disc (bursting disc) solutions. Continental Disc Corporation have been called upon for over 40 years to solve pressure relief challenges across a range of demanding applications.

CDC manage an ongoing product development programme that is driven by customer need and smart solutions.

Please visit our webpage to download brochures and product briefs covering the following products designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries: SANITRX HPx® rupture disc, SANITRX® LPx, SANITRX® Rupture Disc

Sanitary Rupture Discs
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