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Contract Solutions Precision Engineering

Contract Solutions Precision Engineering was founded in August 2009 by the Duncan family who have over 18 year experience in precision engineering.   We use the latest in technology to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products achievable. We strive to have a close working relationship with our customers to provide a quality and professional service.   We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

5 Axis Maching

Complex parts can be machined in one operation using 5 axis techniques, resulting in a more accurate and cost affective solution to conventional machining.


We undertake prototyping and work closely with our customers to ensure the successful development of there parts.


Subcontract programming services are available for 5 axis and conventional CNC milling, CNC sliding heads, turn mills and conventional turning. 3D machining can easily be done using our CAD CAM software.

Precision Assembly

Precision assembly can be undertaken to suit individual customer requirements, these are carried out in our clean room facility where a wide variety of equipment is available.

Matsuura Vplus800

Our latest addition has a 30 tool atc and a maximum spindle speed of 12000rpm. This machine is also fitted with a nikken 5th axis giving great flexibility. Working capacity is 500x500x300mm.

Matsuura Mc550vx

Complete with 30 tool magazine and a maximum spindle speed of 15000rpm. Components of up to 800x400mm can be easily machined in a variety of materials.

Matsuura Mc600vf

This machine is also fitted with a nikken 5th axis and has a max spindle speed of 15000 rpm. The max machining dimensions are 300mm x 400mm. It has a machine accuracy of +/- 0.0002” (0.005mm) with repeatability of +/-0.00004” (0.001mm).

Nikken 5th Axis

This complements our highly accurate machines and allows us to reduce set-up times yet still provide highly accurate and consistent components.


As we are a small family business we take pride in our quality. We are currently accredited to the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.   To complement our machining capabilities we have the latest measuring equipment which enables us to accurately measure the most complex of parts to ensure the highest quality throughout our manufacturing processes and all the way to the customer.

Mitutoyo CMM

Our mitutoyo crysta-plus M443 allows us to accurately measure components with dimensions of up to 400x400x300mm. We can also produce dimensional reports to meet our costumer’s requirements.

PJ-A3000 Mitutoyo Profile Projector with QM-Data 200 and Optoeye-200 edge sensor.

The PJ-A3000 can measure the smallest details on any part including chamfers, radii and even thread form. The OPTOEYE-200 Image Edge Sensor eliminates human errors which may be involved in visual alignment, ensuring speedy, accurate, and consistent measurements.

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