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Convert Ltd is a UK based manufacturer of cable harnesses, cable assemblies and wire looms.

As a professional cable harness and wire assembly manufacturer, we specialise in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Public Transport Systems
  • Medical and Scientific Equipment
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Measurement and Control Equipment

Cable Loom and Wire Loom Assembly

Our cable loom and wire loom assembly services ensure your products are always manufactured to the highest specifications. 

With many years of experience and products manufactured to the highest standards we aim to be your first choice supplier for all your cable assembly needs.

Our services include:

  • The manufacture of Cable Looms, Cable Harnesses and Cable Assemblies in batch sizes from 1 to 1000s.
  • Prototype builds, project based requirements, discrete and scheduled orders, kanban and call-off etc.
  • Cable Set and Processed Cable batch sizes from 100’s to 100,000’s.
  • Our strong supplier relationships ensure competitive prices, quick lead times.
  • We also hold a large range of applicator tooling for use with a wide range of terminals and connector styles including Hirose, ITT, JAE, JST, Molex, Takbro and Tyco.
  • We are ISO 9001 registered and our procedures and processes are designed to provide a high quality service.

Our philosophy is quality products, delivered on time at competitive prices and we work hard to ensure that we achieve this.

To provide the very best Convert customise the manufacturing process to suit your products using a range of test and production equipment.

Cable Loom and Wire Loom Assembly

Interconnect Harness and Wire Harness Supplier

Convert Ltd. has a skilled team to perform all assembly work including the manufacture of  cable harnesses and Interconnect harnesses.

These Interconnect harnesses can be made for board to board and board to panel applications.

Once inserted into housings these assemblies are ready for easy connection onto your PCB connectors.

For applications which require direct soldering to your PCB we offer a range of single circuit or multiple connector board-in crimp style solutions. Multiple connector style solutions can be offered in both vertical and right angled/side-in variations.

Interconnect Harness and Wire Harness Supplier

Complex Looms and Harnesses

Convert Ltd can also manufacture a range of complex cable looms and cable harnesses to the highest standards.

These include:

  • Automotive Engine Management Looms
  • Control Looms for Medical or Scientific Equipment
  • Power & Control Harnesses used in Public Transport Systems and Industrial Control Systems.

Our complex looms and assemblies are always electronically and visually tested to ensure the reliability of the finished product.

Complex Looms and Harnesses


Convert Ltd continually invests in the latest technology and equipment to produce the highest quality finished products to our customer’s design an specification requirements.

We use Komax and Artos machines to process a large selection of cable and wire ranging from single-stranded/single-core cables through to multi-stranded/multi-cored cables.

Our cable processing and assembly  equipment includes:

  • Cable processing equipment: Artos MTX-5, Artos CS-326, Komax Kappa 230, Komax K35.
  • Crimping presses: Kristen K750, Mecal TT, Takbro AP-F3 andTakbro MC-25.
  • Product assembly equipment: Panduit PAT-1000 Cable Tie machine, IDC Ribbon Presses and a wide range of hand crimping tools
  • Product testing and inspection equipment: Cirrus cable harness testers, Mecmesin Advanced Forge Pull Tester.
  • As part of our continuous investment in equipment, we have recently invested in new Crimp Force Monitors for our Mecal TT Presses. The CFA1000 Crimp Force analyser system allows us to check the quality of all crimping operations carried out on these presses. This information helps to ensure that the quality of the crimping process is maintained from the beginning to the end of each batch of terminals applied.
  • We also have a SLE SBL Micro Crimp Cross Section Lab, which allows us to cut a terminal in half and to produce a photograph of the cross section in order to help validate the crimping process. Test results from this process and from the Mecmesin Pull Tester can be provided to our customers to help show the quality and compliance of the manufacturing process

These investments in equipment help us to insure that our production of cable harnesses and cable assemblies is to the highest quality.

To request a quote or further information on Converts' Services please do not hesitate to contact us.


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