With over 100 years experience, Coo-Var are a well practiced manufacturer and distributor of specialist paints, primers and varnishes to the Trade. Our main brands include Vandalene, Profloor, Hammercote and Glocote. keep up with our latest news on our website.

We have 8 ranges of products for you to get to know, all containing unique and exciting products to help you get eh job the job done. If you are unsure which to choose, you can contact our Technical Services helpline to discuss your specific job. If you are an architect and need a spec for Coo-Var products for your client, we can also help with that. Phone or email the office.

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Cleaning, Preparation and Repair

This range includes all you need to prepare your surface for painting and for cleaning brushes etc. afterwards. Just some of the products in the range are:

Coo-Var Oil Remover is designed to clean patches of oil stains from spillages etc prior to painting.

Acid Etch is a careful blend of acids and wetting agents designed to gently etch your concrete in order to provide a key for the paint to adhere to. Once applied, the mixed solution will 'fizz and foam' until the reaction is complete and you can rinse down a drain. Follow the instructions on the tin.

Repair Mortars are designed to repair damaged concrete/masonry prior to painting without having to wait weeks/months for it to dry should you use concrete. Coo-Var have two types in the range, Floorpack and CSP Cold Mortar which cures in temperatures as low as 35 °C.

Thinners are also part of this range. You may need to use Thinners in your paint but they also serve as a brushwash.

Cleaning, Preparation and Repair

Floor, Sport and Line Marking

Within Floor, Sport and Line Marking there is a product to cover a multitude of floor paints for almost all applications. The range includes everything from conventional floor paints designed to protect, seal and decorate, right through to a high build solvent free system capable of withstanding heavy traffic.

Our main brands are:

Profloor - a hard wearing, water based 2 pack system suitable for fork lift and heavy foot traffic.
Profloor Plus - a solvent free and low odour 2 pack floor paint which is exceptionally hard wearing. An anti-slip option available.
Suregrip - an anti-slip all in one single pack paint which is ideal for ramps, walkways and areas which may become slippery.
Floor Paint - a single pack coating designed to be easy to use and versatile.
Guard-Coat - An anti-microbial coating that guards against the spread ofbacteria including MRSA and E.coli. Silver ion technology creates anti-bacterial properties that last for the life of the paint. Can be used on walls as well as floors.

The range also includes, Chlorvar Chlorinated Rubber for pools, Line Marking Paints, and wooden floor varnishes and coatings.

Floor, Sport and Line Marking

Safety and Security

The Safety and Security Range is specially designed to offer a variety of easy to use problem solving products. The range includes anti-graffiti, anti-climb and anti-slip coatings as well as other products designed to protect people or buildings.

The main products in this range are:

Vandalene - a thick, non drying coating designed to remain slippery. Acts as a deterrent or hindrance to intruders.
P101 Anti-graffiti - a 2 pack coating which provides a highly graffiti resistant surface. Will not fade or yellow.
WB101 Anti-graffiti - A water based 2 pack which acts as a sealer aloowing for the removal of graffiti with solvent based products.
GP101 Graffiti Protection System - a single pack coating that. No need for solvents to clean off graffiti, use only water!
Glocote - a high visabliity coating for use in daylight or under lights at night.
Suregrip - anti-slip floor coating that is ideal for stairs, ramps and walkways to prevent slips and falls.

The range also includes Luminous paint, graffiti removers and stencils.

Safety and Security

Hammercote and Products for Metal

Hammercote is durable enamel paint for metal. It now comes in a choice of three finishes, Hammered, Smooth and Satin (smooth). The main features are:

- Hard wearing
- Rust resistant
- Fast drying
- Heat resistant up to 150 °C
- Available in choice of colours
- Can be used without a primer

Other products for metal include:

All Metals Primer - is a fast drying, water based primer which can be overcoated with a large range of topcoats. Will enhance the performance of Hammercote.
Zinc Phosphate Primer - a high performance metal primer ideal for use on combined wood and metal surfaces as it will prime both surfaces. Not for use under Hammercote.
Red Oxide Primer - a good, general purpose primer for use on ferrous metals. Has good anti-corrosive properties. Not for use under Hammercote.

Hammercote and Products for Metal

Specialist Paints

Have a special job that requires a specialist paint? Look no further. Coo-Var are a specialist paint manufacturer with a wide range of high quality products.

If you are not sure which product is best for you, please contact our Technical Services department on 01482 328053.

The range includes:

Matt Black - we have both a oil based and water based version. Ideal for use on wooden beams, wrought iron, chalkboards, in dark rooms etc.
Ebony Black - provides a classic low sheen finish to railings, lamps, beams etc.
Solar Reflecting - available in both an Aluminium and White variety, both with slightly different properties.
Glass Shading - a water based paste for dilution to desired opacity. Used to block out excess light and heat which helps to reduce interior temperature.
Gloss- an oil based gloss suitable for use on domestic buildings both indoors and outdoors. An Undercoat for this is also available.
Finest Pale Goldsize - A special clear coating used when applying gold leaf.

Other products in the range are Brick and Tile paint, Eggshell Finish and Heat Resistant Enamel.

Specialist Paints

Varnishes and Oils

We have a wide range of varnishes and oils for various applications:

Yacht and Seaplane Varnish - is a tough, top quality varnish which is even suitable for coastal and marine environemnts. For interior and exterior use.
Acrylic varnish - is a single pack, water based coating which is suitable for interior and exterior use and is available in gloss and eggshell finishes.
Polyurethane Varnish - a single pack varnish which provides a hard, durable finish. Suitable for work tops, hardwood floors, furniture and doors etc. For interior use.
P101 2 pack Polyurethane Varnish - a high durability varnish which will not fade or yellow when exposed to Ultra Violet light. Particularly ideal for use in high wear areas like dance studios, gyms and hallways etc. Can be used on plaster, concrete and bricks as well as wood.
Polyurethane Floor Coating - is a single pack hard glaze that protects wooden floors and provides an easy to clean surface. For interior use.
Clear Glaze for Wooden Floors - is a water based, quick drying coating for interior use.
Siliconised Teak Oil - a blend of natural oils and silicone deriatives which enhance, preserve and restore the appearance of teak.
Danish Oil - gives  a hard, durable and water resistant seal to woods.

Varnishes and Oils

Specialist Primers

If its all in the preparation then the choice of Primer is very important to the sucess of your painting job. We have a primer for all surfaces and most situations. The range includes:

NEW PRODUCT: Stain Block - a white, general purpose primer but with excellent stain blocking properties.
Aluminium Wood Primer - is ideal on knotted or resinous timber but also acts a s a general purpose heavy duty wood primer.
Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat - is a water based primer ideal for plaster preparation, wood or brick.
All Metals Primer - is an ideal primer on all metals including galvanised surfaces. Water based.
Alkali Resisting Primer - is a high quality , low odour solvent based primer/sealer. Ideal for use on alkaline surfaces which can attack conventional coatings.

Other products include Patent Knotting, MDF Primer, Zinc Phosphate Primer, All Purpose Primer and Masonry Stabiliser.

Specialist Primers

Teamac Industrial Paints

Now available as part of the Coo-Var range. Our Teamac brand is established as a quality industrial and marine paint.

The Teamac Industrial range includes:

Chlorvar Chlorinated Rubber - has excellent chemical and water resistance. Ideal for use in dairies, chemical installations and pools.
Metaclor Chlorinated Rubber Primer - a zinc phosphate chlorinated ruibber primer giving an excellent performance.
Metalcote Machinery Enamel - available in over 70 colours, this is a protective paint that gives a smooth, heat and chemical resistant finish to tractors, machinery and metal structures.
H/Build Zinc Phosphate Primer - a durable zinc phosphate primer
Black Tar Varnish -
Metalastic Black Bituminous - ideal for water proofing and protecting tanks.
Farm Oxide - a durable general purpose iron oxide based paint. Suitable for the maintenance and decoration of outdoor structures.
Acrylic Roof Coating - a water based and fast drying paint used to protect, refresh and decorate tile and brick roofs as well as sealing asbestos sheets.

Other products in the range include, Metalastic Metal Protective Paint, Zinc Rich Primer, and Mordant Solution.

Teamac Industrial Paints
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