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We are a digital marketing agency specialising in Brand and Reputation Marketing

We build your sales by building your brand.  We do it in the most innovative and cost-effective way possible's as simple as that.

Our passion is to deliver cost-effective solutions through intelligent strategies and exceptional creative execution.

We have a number of innovative products ranging from social wi-fi and loyalty programs through web-presence, reputation management and search engine optimisation.

Totally business minded, at no point we will steer you towards a marketing channel that we feel doesn’t make 100% commercial sense. Cosmic Dolphins recommendations are based on a desire to get the very best results for each of our clients.

Services Overview

The range of different approaches to marketing a business is colossal and growing all the time. It can be tricky for most companies to get a handle on which approaches will best show off their products or services to customers.

What Cosmic Dolphins seek to do is understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business so that we can recommend the services that will attract people to you as opposed to a competitor.

We offer a full range of services encompassing everything from traditional print advertising, to the latest approaches to social media and our unique method of online reputation-building. Our goal is to make sure that your investment in marketing delivers a greater return in terms of revenue.

Even the smallest marketing budget can achieve impressive results. Cosmic Dolphins are dedicated to making sure that your money is spent in the most effective way possible.

Our Services

  Blended Marketing  Brand Strategy                 
  Customer Lifecycle Marketing  Local Marketing
  Measurable Marketing  Mobile Marketing
  Reputation Management and Marketing  SEO and Online Marketing
  Social Media  Website Design and Content
Services Overview

Blended Marketing

Your favourite brand of tea doesn't just contain one kind of tea leaf, it has several whose flavours are intended to complement one another. Just as with the perfect cuppa, marketing works best when several different techniques are implemented to complement one another. Getting your web site to the top of the search rankings won't help much if you've got a poor reputation compared to all the sites just below.

Cosmic Dolphins listen to what our customers tell us about their business. Based on this we establish the goals that we think need to be achieved if a marketing campaign is to succeed. Then we select the different tools in our arsenal that we think will get the results we need and design a campaign that interweaves them to best effect.

Through blended marketing we can help you to reach all of your different potential customers no matter where they might be.

Blended Marketing

Brand Strategy

Small businesses in particular might not think of themselves as having a brand, but every company creates some kind of impression in the minds of the public. The problem is that many business owners aren't clear on what their brand should be or are mistaken about how they are seen in actuality.

The real strengths of a business can be almost completely obscured by a failure to reflect them in a brand that can be communicated to the public. As a result customers end up deciding to go to other companies who may not offer the same level of service but who have more effective branding. The extent to which your company's brand strategy works will ultimately show up in your balance sheet.

By taking the time to understand your business, Cosmic Dolphins can help you to firm up how you should position your brand. The brand then informs everything else that we do in your marketing campaign.

Brand Strategy

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

It costs many times more to attract a customer for the first time than it does for the second. Successfully marketing your business to a consumer shouldn't end with them choosing to buy your product or service. It makes sense to stay in touch in order to retain your customers after their first purchase.

Keeping in touch could involve direct mail, email or text messages. A regular newsletter could help to keep your company in the thoughts of your customers. Loyalty programs can help persuade your customers to choose your business again.

Your ultimate goal should be to convince your customers to become advocates for your business. Many successful businesses actively encourage their customers to recommend their services. If you can do this successfully then you have effectively managed to extend your marketing campaign without paying anything extra.

Cosmic Dolphins will work with you to help you communicate effectively with your customers through every stage of the process.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Local Marketing

It's become commonplace to read about the death of the high street as people increasingly choose to buy online. The fact is that large numbers of people buy from local shops every day. It's quicker to head down to your local town centre and pick up what you need instead of sitting around waiting for a parcel to arrive.

The difference between today and the past is that more and more people type what they're looking for into a search engine rather than reach for the Yellow Pages. If your business doesn't have an online profile then it will miss out on local custom - people will go to another business that they can find more easily.

Initiatives like Google's Getting British Business Online have meant that your competitors are more likely than ever to be online. It's vitally important that the visibility and reputation of your company is as least as good as your local competitors, something that Cosmic Dolphins specialise in achieving.

Local Marketing

Measurable Marketing

William Lever's statement 'I know only half my marketing is working, I'm just not sure which half' dates from the 19th century. Far too many business owners find themselves in exactly the same position today. If you don't know which parts of your marketing effort are effective then you have no way of building on success or avoiding failure.

At Cosmic Dolphins we seek to measure everything that we do so that we can be absolutely sure how well each part of a marketing strategy is working. In this way we can adapt to make sure that your marketing is rigorously targeted towards meeting the challenges that your business faces.

By paying attention to and assessing the outcomes from all of our activity on your behalf we will drive more customers towards your company. Ultimately you'll be able to measure our success via your balance books.

Measurable Marketing

Mobile Marketing

The huge explosion in the take up of smartphones and tablets that has taken place since Apple launched the iPhone in 2007 has left most businesses struggling to keep up. The ability for customers to look up businesses and products as they walk around presents companies with a whole new range of opportunities. It's vital to take these opportunities before your competitors if you are to win the race to acquire customers.

There are mobile apps available that will recommend restaurants in the local area. If your restaurant isn't mentioned by the app then you'll lose custom to restaurants that are. By using her phone to scan a QR code next to a product in your shop a customer could get access to a page of recommendations from users or a brief review.

Statistics show that even the biggest companies aren't keeping pace with the mobile revolution. Cosmic Dolphins want to help you to take advantage of a method of reaching customers that's barely been tapped.

Mobile Marketing

Reputation Management and Marketing

According to a recent survey over 60% of those using the internet in Europe and the US trust and act upon online reviews. This level of trust is second only to personal word of mouth. Furthermore, having no reviews or reputation is almost as off-putting to potential customers as having a bad reputation.

Cosmic Dolphins have a unique patent pending system that can help you to build and exploit a good reputation online. Our system will give you some control over what is posted on the internet about your business. It can then help you to actively market your good reputation to customers.

There is absolutely no point in spending time and money to achieve a high search engine ranking if everyone immediately below you has a much better reputation than you do. Building your reputation should be a key component of any marketing strategy. Without a reputation you won't be able to compete with those who do.

Reputation Management and Marketing

SEO and Online Marketing

The internet is vast. It's difficult for anyone to stand out without understanding how search engines operate. We can help your business to rank on the first page when people Google your industry. We can also help you to get noticed through a wide range of other techniques depending on your business.

Video marketing is a great way for businesses to find customers. Videos can take many different forms from filming events with which you've been involved to posting up a how to guide for a product that you sell. With a little imagination you can reach out to people who otherwise might not have considered using your company.

Having articles written on subjects that relate in some way to your business which include links to your site and are posted on general news sites is a great way to both directly drive traffic to your web site and boost your Google ranking.

Cosmic Dolphins will blend the best of these techniques to create a strategy that will get results for your business.

SEO and Online Marketing

Social Media

An enormous proportion of the developed world is now on at least one social network, be it Facebook, Twitter or another. They use these networks for a huge range of different purposes which creates a conundrum for companies who want to use them to boost business.

Among the purposes that social media can be used for are to keep in touch with your customers and let them know about new products and services. This can be a key part of customer retention. Many people now use Twitter as their main source of news. By using creative ways to inveigle yourself into Twitter users timelines you can make your brand known to people you might never otherwise have reached.

The best social media strategy for your business will depend on your own unique strengths. Cosmic Dolphins are committed to establishing what these are and using that knowledge to produce a tailor made approach.

Social Media

Website Design & Content

After all the effort it takes to get people to click through to your web site it's worth making sure that what they see when they get there is professional and engaging. A sloppy, uninteresting web site will cause visitors to press the Back button on their browser and look for a more professional company.

We have access to skilled professionals who will design your site and provide high quality graphics to illustrate what you can offer to customers. Investing in a good looking web site is vital if you're to entice visitors to take that next step and buy what you have on offer.

No less important than the style of the site is the content. Your products or services need to be described in a vivid, exciting fashion and fresh content needs to be added to keep people coming back. Cosmic Dolphins can bring top content providers to work on your site.

Website Design & Content
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