Cotecna Inspection Ltd.

Cotecna Inspection Limited

From our West London offices in the UK, we can tap into a global network of more than 150 offices. We work with international traders, their representatives and government bodies to supervise, verify and certify goods transported across borders.

Health & Safety Risk Assessment

European Law requires all companies, including sole traders, to carry out a regular health and safety risk assessment to identify and minimize any hazards which may cause harm to staff, customers or visitors. Co-ordinated in the UK, we offer health and safety risk assessment services to small, medium and large companies and organizations throughout Europe. For more information please visit our website


We work with importers to check and authenticate shipments, to inspect and verify quality standards, and to ensure that contracted goods are supplied in the correct quantities and the right condition.


We assist exporters, checking and certifying that shipments are complete, accurate and undamaged at the time of shipment; thus guaranteeing against spurious damage and shortage claims when the goods arrive.

Factory and Process Audits

We perform audits to ensure that goods are manufactured to desired level of quality through the whole process. We can also check the labour force is suitably skilled and is humanitarianly responsible (i.e. no child labour or poor working conditions etc).

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