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We supply an extensive range of silicone coated release liners for your tape and adhesive requirements.  Double sided tapes use a wide range of adhesives, all of which have different requirements in terms of release liner performance.

Cotek is pleased to offer a similarly wide choice of release liners, based on a wide range of substrates, and with carefully controlled release characteristics as necessary.

For all of your tape and adhesive release liner requirements, contact us now.

Construction and Automotive

Cotek supplies a wide range of products and materials to the construction and automotive industries.  The building industry uses a variety of adhesive and insulating materials which require release liners to facilitate handling and application.

We offer a range of silicone coated release liners for the construction and automotive sectors, such as papers or films for butyl mastic sealant in double glazing, foam insulation tapes, automotive sound-deadening panels and a variety of other pressure-sensitive adhesive applications.

Medical and Hygiene

Our range of medical and hygiene release liners are unmatched.  As the design of medical dressings becomes more sophisticated, the requirement for highly specialised release materials become increasingly demanding.  In areas such as see-through wound dressings, footcare products, ostomy bags, monitoring electrodes and hydrogel pads, we have developed novel release materials based on a range of appropriate substrates to meet the needs of the surgical, medical and hygiene supply industries.  We can also supply low-cost liners for a range of personal hygiene products.

Envelope and Bag Closures

We supply release liners to manufacturers of envelope and bag enclosures, and specialist packaging such as security bags, requiring advanced methods of tamper evidence.  By carefully controlling the release properties of the liner for the adhesive coating strip, we can supply a product which releases from the adhesive without prematurely activating the security features.  A similar product can be used for a range of self-sealing envelope closures for charity collections, mail-order etc.  No matter what your requirement may be, our selection of release liners for envelopes and bag enclosures and relative products are sure to meet your requirements.

Processing Aids

Our impeccably designed release liners for processing aids are market leading.  A number of manufacturing processes require a liner of some description as a base for casting, or as some other element of the production method, and our processing aids can help.  Examples include non-woven fabrics, carbon-fibre composites, bitumens and mastics, hot-melt adhesives and rubber products.  The release requirements extend from very easy to extremely tight, and we offer products which are suitable for the full range.  In addition, we can develop tailor-made liners with particular properties for special applications if appropriate.

Graphic Arts

Release papers find a number of applications in the graphic arts industry, such as paste-up and dry mount adhesive sheets, garment transfers, mounts for exhibition stands and various types of signs and graphics.  We have a number of products on our graphic arts range which share the required characteristics of good layflat and dimensional stability as well as the controlled release properties that this market demands.

Food and Bakery

Silicone release papers have widespread application in the food and bakery industry as liners for baking trays and food packaging, and as interleaving between fresh or frozen produce.  Our pure vegetable parchment range is coated both sides with an aqueous silicone emulsion to give a product which conforms to both American and European food contact regulations and gives stable performance even after multiple bake cycles.

Cotek is proud to be a BRC/IoP certified company, registration number QAICL/UK/BRC/353.

To view an information sheet about our range of food and bakery products, click here. You will need to have Adobe Reader installed to view it.

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