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Biometric, Proximity and Swipe Card Clocking in Machines and Time Attendance Recorders

Our website will help you to chose the Time Recorder that is best for your company. As a long standing company, we offer a better customer service in the distribution of Time Recorders or Clocking in Machines. Wherever people work in the UK then clocking machines or time attendance recorders can     SAVE YOU MONEY !!


Beatron Smart


  • Two Colour Printing
  • External Bell - Siren Output
  • Full battery back-up
  • Memory Data Protected
  • Time Cards + Rack included

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Beatron Micro 200D

  • Fully Automatic Time  Recorder
  • Including Time Cards & Time  Card Rack
  • 2 Colour Printing/Bell Ringing
  • Battery Back-up

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Beatron TP 2000

  • Various Makes & Models
  • Ideal for Car Warranty Work
  • Job Costing
  • Car Parking

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Model QR 375

  • 8 employee clocking times each day - (64 Weekly)
  • No over stamping of previous time clocked
  • Calculates all the clocking times for you
  • Prints date - time - and hours worked
  • Automatic IN - OUT time card positioning
  • Auto Summer - Winter time change
  • Auto re-set after power failure
  • 50 employee capacity
  • Ready to start working straight from the box
  • System includes 100 cards and rack 

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Amano CP 3000


  • Will NOT over stamp previous clockings
  • This popular time recorder takes the time card from the employee's hand
  • Eliminates any over stamping

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