Cotswold Stone Quarries Ltd


Cotswold Stone Quarries have a comprehensive range of Cotswold building stone that is suitable for many different uses including restoration work and new buildings.  Cotswold building stone is sized in accordance with current building regulations and is a natural stone product.

Cotswold Stone Quarries have four types of Cotswold building stone on offer:

  • Tinkers Barn Grey
  • Tinkers Barn Cropped Dry Stone Walling

Cotswold Dry Stone Walling

Cotswold Stone Quarries can provide Cotswold dry stone walling from Tinkers Barn quarry. The colour is a mix of creamy grey and buff, looking weathered when built.

Our Cotswold dry stone walling is supplied random and 'as dug'  while  thickness can  vary from 25mm to 115mm.

Our natural stone walling can also be supplied in bags, please phone for details.

Cotswold Dry Stone Walling

Cotswold Roofing Slates

Cotswold Stone Quarries are the specialist in Cotswold roofing slates in our area. Our Cotswold roofing slates are the genuine article and are not imported into the country. They have a fantastic reputation with Cotswold stone roofers for their flatness and ease of laying.

Our Cotswold roofing slates are from Tinkers Barn quarry in an area that has been producing natural stone roofing slates for over 400 years.

Cotswold Stone Quarries have the capacity to produce over 50 old roofing squares (475 M2) Cotswold roofing slates a month.

Cotswold Roofing Slates

Cotswold Paving

Cotswold Stone Quarries Ltd provides Cotswold paving from Tinkers Barn quarry and is a fantastic and aesthetically appealing way of creating crazy paving.

Our Cotswold paving is easy to use as it is flat and comes in many different widths and lengths. Our natural stone paving is very durable and come in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 25mm to 50mm and is available by the square metre.

Cotswold Paving
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