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CPP Ltd supply a diverse range of attached lid containers, all of which feature both stacking and nesting facility which saves cost in reverse logistics and offers maximum manoeuvrability. Attached lid containers also known as ALC’s can be used with security tags and seals which drastically reduce content loss.

Euro Stacking Containers

The euro stacking container is a highly versatile and adaptable multi-purpose plastic container which has been universally adopted as the stacking container of choice for industrial and engineering applications.  The benefita of these containers include:

  • Minimal handling
  • Minimal waste
  • Heavy duty modular range
  • Excellent capacity / overall size ratio
  • Clean and safe
  • Optimum protection of your goods
Euro Stacking Containers

Nesting Containers

Stack / nest containers are the industry standard stacking and nesting boxes developed to meet the challenging requirements of many industries from supermarkets to engineering.  Styles of containers include 180 degree stack nest, and bale arm stack nest trays.

Nesting Containers


This material handling  product have been designed  to enable plastic crates, plastic trays and plastic boxes to be manoeuvred safely and efficiently in the work place. Common sizes include:

  • 600mm x 400mm
  • 800mm x 600mm

Plastic Pallets

CPP supply a comprehensive range of plastic pallets to suite every customers requirements from light weight nestable plastic pallets for single trip and export applications through to heavy weight plastic pallets for multi trip packaging

Plastic Pallets

Pallet Boxes

Plastic pallet boxes are a very common storage medium for the bulk movement of products.  Our range includes both folding pallet boxes also known as FLC’s and rigid pallets boxes.  All Pallet boxes are available in a range of foot print and height sizes as well as options for drop gates and lids.

Pallet Boxes

Boxerpac Folding Sleeve System

CPP specialise in the supply of folding sleeve systems which includes the Boxerpac.  Boxerpac is an injection moulded pallet base and lid that is specially designed to accept a honeycomb polypropylene folding sleeve similar to conpearl.  Boxerpac is a versatile system providing outstanding volume for bulk storage and distribution. Boxerpac is widely used in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Caps & Closures
  • CPP are also able to manufacture the sleeve element of this unit to many different specifications depending on customer requirements.  Options include:

  • Drop doors
  • Removable panels
  • Variable sleeve heights
  • Variable sleeve weights
Boxerpac Folding Sleeve System

Twin Wall Polypropylene

Corrugated Plastic is a versatile, tough, polypropylene sheet extrusion which looks like plastic cardboard and can be used across a wide range of industries including:

  • Packaging
  • Floor protection
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Food & drink
  • Display
  • Media & Advertising
  • Horticulture
  • Materials handling

We produce a comprehensive range of grades of fluted polypropylene from 2mm 250GSM to 12mm 3000GSM.

Sheet size can be custom made to customer requirements and can also be die cut to create boxes and pallet sleeves. 

Twin Wall Polypropylene

Honeycomb Polypropylene

This product provides users with a unique package of benefits.  Outstanding strength under tensile, flexural and compressive strength in all directions including edges and sides, along with ultra-light weight.

Honeycomb polypropylene is a 3 layer polypropylene composite made up of dimpled sheet sandwiched between two smooth sheets in a proprietary manufacturing process. The key features within the panel are its specially designed dimple geometry.  The symmetric dimple creates a continuous air gap providing feather light weight and excellent surface flatness

The range of honeycomb sheet that is available from stock is as follows:

  • 3mm thick       1000GSM         1500GSM
  • 5mm thick       1000GSM         1500GSM         2500GSM
  • 10mm thick     2000GSM         2500GSM         3000GSM         3500GSM         4000GSM
  • Standard sheet size = 2100mm x 2400mm

Honeycomb Polypropylene

Plastic Fabrication

Using our unrivalled range of plastic sheet materials CPP offer a complete plastic fabrication service, which includes:

  • Plastic welding
  • Plastic heat bending
  • Hot air welding
  • Die Cutting
  • CNC routing
Plastic Fabrication

Component Trays

Can be manufactured to an infinite range of sizes, as part of our bespoke solutions for storage, and transportation of manufactured parts. Trays and boxes can be designed to suite exact requirements and incorporate a range of materials including:

  • Foam dunnage
  • Dividers
Component Trays

Point Of Sale

Fluted Polypropylene is an ideal material for the creation of point of sales stands and visual media.  Sheet material can be extruded to custom colours and fully digitally printed to create a stunning visual effect.

Point Of Sale

Steel Coil Protection System

The protection of coil and sheet products for the steel and alloy industry has long been an area of speciality for CPP. Below is a list of sheet and coil protection products that form our complete range:

  • Boretect® inner bore protector
  • Twin Wall PP Edge protection
  • Twin wall PP Inner bore protection
  • Twin wall PP sheet coil wrap
  • Twin wall PP pallet protection sheets
  • Timber pallets
  • Coil Pallets
  • Coil Stand Pallets
Steel Coil Protection System
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