Craemer UK Ltd


Craemer offers high performance plastic pallets and materials handling products which are reliable, durable, and proven to be amongst the worlds best. We are the direct subsidiary of Paul Craemer GmbH and have been world leaders in the plastic injection moulding and high quality tool making for over three decades.

  • Quality plastic pallets and containers with the widest variety of sizes and choice on the market
  • Tested and proven plastic pallets and containers
  • Used successfully for small and large companies
  • Realistic pricing
  • Plastic pallets and crates can be specially printed to customer requirements
  • Easily cleaned
  • Plastic pallets lightweight yet capable of static loads of up to 7 tons
  • Plastic pallets dynamic loads up to 1.5 tons
  • Durable, suitable for pooling
  • Cost effective
  • Injection Moulded

Craemer plastic pallets are a good investment for use inside the factory for storage and transportation purposes, as well as pooling. They satisfy all demands for economy, durability and capacity to support heavy loads just as well in their use in high-bay warehouses or on automatic conveyor systems. Whether for use in the food, automobile or numerous other industries the Craemer plastic pallet-program always provides an economic basis for logistics.

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