Craig and Derricott Ltd


Established in 1944 Craig and Derricott is a privately-owned British manufacturer of control gear products. Based in the West Midlands the company is famous for its high level of engineering expertise, customer service and well-proven products.

Isolation Equipment
Renowned for delivering quality engineered, easy to install isolation equipment with an extensive range of configurations and enclosures. Ratings from 6 to 1000 A and available in shortlead times, our IP65 solutions are available in two distinct ranges.

Pushbutton control, selection and indication for every application. Quality products from both British and German designers backed by engineering excellence and experience.

Rotary Switches
Rotary switches from Craig and Derricott provide today’s control solution to complex control system requirements. Ratings from 6 to 125 A, with worldwide approvals and an extensive range of accessories.

Control & Pushbutton Stations
Controls supplied pre-fitted in robust wall mounting housings simplify the work of a busy electrician. No fiddling with loose components - just unpack, mount and wire.

Well engineered and designed for ease of use the Linemaster range of footswitches offer the widest choice of foot controls suitable for applications from heavy duty shop floor use to light duty office environments.

Safety & Limit Switches
Providing equipment for safety and control, Craig and Derricott has built a reputation for products that are reliable and robust. Grabwire Switch and Miniswitch ranges provide a wealth of available options. Emergency Stops can also be found in our Control & Pushbutton station range.

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