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Atlantis Hydrotec®

Atlantis Hydrotec is an innovative Fibre to the Home (FTTH) solution that works in a completely different
way to traditional FTTH solutions. It is a simple “pipe in a pipe” solution that provides a route into a building by installing a micro-bore water pipe within the existing water pipe infrastructure. A fibre optic communications cable can then be “blown” into the micro-bore pipe without any impact on the water supply.

The beauty of this solution is that eliminates all of the difficulties that arise with more conventional FTTH solutions: such as digging up roads and driveways, costs of excavation, and the disruption this causes. All of these issues are eliminated with Atlantis Hydrotec making it a very attractive and cost- effective alternative.

The Atlantis Hydrotec solution comprises 2 product ranges

  • The D series – ideal for FTTX connectivity to individual homes, Multi-Dwelling Units and gated communities
  • The T series which is designed for us in PTP core/trunk/distribution fibre and for connection to remote or rural locations.

This solution offers multiple benefits to the Homeowner, Network Builder and City/Community.

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