Crating Solutions UK Ltd


CSL specialises in building custom wooden cases & crates to your requirements, with the contents well protected.

Crating Solutions UK Ltd are the Crating Solution for all your crating, packing & shipping needs

High standards are our priority so we meet the ISPM 15 standards with our well trained and experienced staff. At CSL we are constantly evolving our business around client needs with a get-it-done well attitude and competitively costed.

We will design and build the perfect protection for your needs, pack and see it arrives safe and sound.

Export Crate Manufacturers Packaging & Shipping

Whether its mother in laws tea -set to China, a large machine or piece of machinery to Australia or the USA, Museum Artifax to Nigeria, Medical Equipment to Libya, or ships electronics to Argentina, we protect and design build the perfect journey protection.

  • Specialises in a full range of static and corrosion prevention
  • Uses only timber to be ISPM.15 export compliant
  • Manufactures bespoke cases & crates
  • Air and Sea Containers braced and packed
  • Complete packing service by collection or at your site
  • Some case sizes available from stock
  • All lifting and shipping arrangements made
Export Crate Manufacturers Packaging & Shipping

Corrosion Interception

Whether Military, Automobile, Aeronautics, Electronics, General Engineering, Oil Industry, or Museum & Archives, we can help with static and corrosion interception (CI)

Corrosion is an action that changes the chemical or physical structure of metals.

Technologists know “corrosion is a natural process that cannot be stopped, only delayed”.

We all know that things corrode faster near to the sea or in higher humidity but by proven technology there are measures available to assist, thankfully we can deliver these measures.

Bespoke customers sizes to design

  • Customised Quantities from stock
  • All crates 'Export Friendly' to ISPM.15
  • Air and sea freight containers braced
  • Complete packing service off site
  • Industrial crates built to 120m3
  • Engineering machines and components shipped

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