Creation Flooring (South)


Industrial Resin Flooring Specialist

Creation Flooring offers it's customers a diverse range of industrial epoxy resin flooring services. From consultation to installation we offer a friendly and enthusiastic approach to getting the floor that you want. We also specialise in the rejuvenation and repair of existing floors.

One of our specialist offerings is our Quick Flat Floor which is a pump screed/sub-floor installation. If you have a warehouse where forklift trucks struggle because the floor is not flat enough or it is damaged our pump screed solution is ideal. The Quick Flat Floor is ready for use within 24 hours of it's installation

We are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that we minimise the downtime of your business. Whether that means working through the night, through the weekend or bank holidays, we do what we have to do to complete your flooring solution whilst minimising disruption

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